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Fallout 76 Public Teams Guide: Participation, Bonuses And Requirements

Posted: Jun 24, 2020

After Wastelanders, Bethesda plans to release a new Fallout 76 feature coming with Update 20, which could show players how the Public Teams works and benefits them to team up with others to get bonuses, that is uses, bonuses and limitations.

Public Teams, a team type that allows players to join publically, in which players can team up with other friends at will and complete specific tasks. Simply put, everyone can complete tasks faster in Fallout 76 and get a good gaming experience, even in the absence of a professional team.

In order to participate in the Public Teams, the players don't need to meet any requirements.

There is a new option labeled Public Teams on Fallout 76's social menu with a browsable list of all available teams, each one has a Team Goal and general purposes. You could choose to join a team at will, but each one has the cap of 4 players, otherwise you'll be rejected. Or you can start your own Public Team and become the leader to invite other players to join in, except those who have been blocked or restricted by yourself.

Public Teams BonusesWhile completing certain tasks, your Public Team can receive different bonuses, generally speaking, each team must complete the Team Goals from six aspects, Hunting, Roleplay, Events, Exploration, Building and Casual, and receive different types of rewards as follows:

Hunting -Bonus: +25% XP for Legendary Kills (100% for a fully bonded team)Roleplay -Bonus: +1 Charisma (+4 for a fully bonded team)Events -Bonus: +25% XP for completing Events (100% for a fully bonded team)Exploration -Bonus: +1 Endurance (+4 for a fully bonded team)Building -Bonus: +1 Intelligence (+4 for a fully bonded team)Casual -Bonus: +1 Luck (+4 for a fully bonded team)

What's more, the Public Team will not affect any Private Team, even both of which can switch back and forth. Also, if a Private Team member joins PvP the whole group is flagged, but in Public Teams, it will only flag the individual.

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