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Early Starting Builds Guide-POE 3.10 Delirium Expansion

Posted: Mar 13, 2020

POE 3.10, also known as Delirium expansion is ready to go, knowing that what you are most concerned about is POE build, we have sorted out these top builds for the new league, hopefully, it could help you.

Skeleton NecromancerThe Summoner, one of the strongest starting characters starting from 3.9 the Conquerors of the Atlas expansion, would be nerfed in 3.10 Delirium, but it is still nigh-unstoppable combining with the Witch's Necromancer ascendency.

Under the influence of Delirium, the summoners will likely keep the powerful and safe playstyle that they are currently masters at, especially Skeletons, which are the easiest to gear for and upgrade, can be used to kill nearly every boss in the game with minimal currency investment. The combination of Skeletons and Witch's Necromancer can make the build invincible.

Arc TrapperFrom Metamorph League of POE 3.9, the Arc skill has been increased its effective chaining radius and a small buff. Also, it will become the most promising playstyle in POE 3.10.0.

Moreover, an Arc character can improve by adding the skill with traps, which benefit from trap-specific support gems, passive nodes, and some of the Saboteur's powerful ascendency notables, it can kill almost all bosses instantly throwing a cluster of these Arc traps.

Herald of AgonyHeralds are unique buffs affecting the players who cast them through providing elemental damage bonuses and mechanical buffs to clear hordes of enemies easier.

Herald of Agony could summon a poisonous scorpion to deal absurd damage as virulence stacks increase.

Essence Drain and ContagionThe skill combination of Essence Drain and Contagion increases by taking the power of Ice Nova and Frostbolt, applying a massive Chaos debuff on enemies, dealing obscene amounts of damage a second, and spreading it to everyone in the radius to kill nearly every boss in the game.

As a result, Essence Drain and Contagion is a safe and incredible choice for better POE builds.

Running POE builds, how can you eliminate POE Currency? At least, POE Currency can provide effective help to kill powerful enemies, which can be found on Safe in-game currency can only be found through reliable stores. In order to thoroughly protect the rights and interests of customers, IGGM will protect consumers' privacy and personal information throughout the shopping process, along with nearly perfect service to create a better shopping experience.


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