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ESO Q3 Stonethorn DLC would Drop PC & Stadia on August 24

Posted: Jul 15, 2020

As we already know, Elder Scrolls Online will release the Q3 DLC of the Dark Heart of Skyrim, called Stonethorn, and now it has a release date on August 24, coming with a new platform, Google Stadia.

Stonethorn will develop new game content based on the previous chapters, Harrowstorm and Greymoor, to continue the storyline of "Dark Heart of Skyrim", including two new dungeons, the Stone Garden and Castle Thorn.

ESO Stonethorn came to Stadia and PC together, which means that players are able to switch between their PC and Stadia at will when playing ESO.

Stonethorn, also known as Update 27, would make a series of changes and improvements in memory, and make a boost for players' performance, along with new Group Mounts, which could carry a driver and at least one passenger.

The new features brought by Stonethorn include game content, Character Pathing and collectibles, also, it allowed players to build houses in ESO, providing more than forty different house types to choose by players, both furnished and unfurnished versions.

That is, players are more allowed to customize games in Stonethorn, including building paths for residents, building house, etc.

Stonethorn will end sometime in October, if you have prepared to fight Lady Thorn's vampiric army inside of Castle Thorn, and attempt to stop the mad Alchemist Arkasis deep beneath Blackreach in the Stone Garden, just come to Elder Scrolls Online on August 24.

And, the Q4 DLC Update of Dark Heart of Skyrim has not been revealed any news.

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