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Animal Crossing: New Horizons- How To Time Travel

Posted: Aug 26, 2020

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a very popular game thisyears. It will throw you into a world full of personality and practically let you do whatever you want, which almost everyone enjoys. One of its characteristics is that it follows real-time, which means you have to wait for a period of time for things to take effect. It reflects the local time, so if you live at 8 am, the time in the game is 8 am. But some players want to get rewards immediately, so they choose to skip the wait.

But how to do this?

The answer is time travel!

It includes changing your system's internal clock to manipulating it in the game, this is a very controversial approach. Some people think it will make the game uninteresting, while others will use it in-game sessions.

Why should you time travel?

In fact, in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, time travel is unnecessary. Most players use the game to wait for changes to occur in real-time. But some people's work arrangements only allow them to play at night, after the game store closes. But with time travel, this trouble will disappear, which lets you take control of the game's clock.

Time travel can be used for almost anything. Maybe you are waiting for a villager to request to leave your island. You can speed up the process by jumping to a new day, because you can check in the game whether the villager is ready to leave.

Time travel also allows you to change the date to Sunday, which is when Daisy Mae sells turnips- this gives you a way to get rich quickly by using the game's stalk market. Time travel will also accelerate the growth of flowers and trees

But time travel also has some disadvantages, such as breaking your Nook Miles bonus streak at the Nook Stop, and your island will quickly become overgrown with weeds (but you can sell them for a small profit). One of the biggest disadvantages is that your turnips may rot if you go backward in time, rendering them useless when attempting to sell.

How to time travel?

Step 1-Go into settings

Closeout of your game, from the system's main screen, scroll over or click the gear icon at the bottom right (to the left of the power icon) to enter the settings menu.

Step 2-Open the system settings menu

Find System, it has a list of options that you can change, such as language, region and time.

Step 3- Click on date and time

You have to turn off the ability to clock synchronize the clock via the internet.

Step 4- Change the time

At this point, you can modify the date and time at will. When you finish saving the settings, make sure to click OK.

Step 5- Jump back into the game

Now you can go back to the game, and you can still play online with others, even if your system is not synchronized with the Internet to verify the time.

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