Temtem Saipark: Catch Mushi And Adoroboros For The Week Of March 16-22
Temtem Saipark: Catch Mushi And Adoroboros For The Week Of March 16-22

As one new game released only a few months, Temtem still has a lot of immature aspects, which is what Crema is currently working for. After being moaned several times by players, this week, from March 16 to 22, a new set of inhabitants with shiny cuteness will be staying in Saipark.

The two Temtem Saipark inductees are Luma Mushi, the toxic mushroom Temtem, as well as Adoroboros, the Temtem that's half toxic, half mental lizard creature.

Where to find the cute creatures?

Outside the park, it is three times more likely to find a Mushi Luma, and twice as likely to find an Adoroboros Luma than normal.

In order to get into the Saipark, you need to have the hook which can be gained after finishing the campaign as it stands now in the early access version. The entry fee to the Temtem Saipark is extra cheap at just 1,250 pansuns, but you could get only six Saicards included with the price. In case you run out out of Saicards, it is best to prepare more before entering Saipark.

Temtem Pansun has wide use, not just to exchange Saicards, and it can't do harm to store as much Pansun as possible.

More importantly, the newly added Temtems are not easy to catch, unless you battle with them. So make sure to bring a powerful team for extended fighting in the Saipark.

Beyond that, there is a cool hairstyle to gain in Temtem, Airship Engineer Goggles, you are going to need to catch and release a whopping 300 Temtem to get your hands on them throughout the game, but it is really expensive to change your hair.

Coincidentally, cosmetics in Temtem are not cheap and need to cost too much Pansun, such as the Airship Engineer Goggles requires 26,999 pansun, it must cost half of the saving for an ordinary player.

When you want to buy a cosmetic without enough pansun in the pocket, IGGM can provide help to you, it is selling cheap Temtem Pansun to meet players' daily demand. It will be everywhere when you need it, making your game easier.

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