SWTOR: Update 6.1.1 And Double XP Event Release Dates
SWTOR: Update 6.1.1 And Double XP Event Release Dates

BioWare released the update 6.1.1 of Star Wars: The Old Republic on Public Test Servers, along with several life improvements and changes in the newly added Master Mode.

Up to now, the test of Update 6.1.1 has been running well on SWTOR for about twenty days, which increased the new set bonuses and class changes, adding new armor sets with new set bonuses for each class, also, more content will be continuously added to this update later.

There is also a Double XP event in the same period as the official version of Update 6.1.1, the specific time is SWTOR update 6.1.1 will be available on April 14, and the Double XP event is scheduled on May 12, 2020, four full weeks following the Update 6.1.1, as there is still a lot of content in development.

However, under the current situation, almost all employees of BioWare have to work at home, which may result in some delays. Once the dates have changed, we will keep you informed.
PTS of update 6.1.1 is still running for SWTOR, and the active subscribers can participate in and complete the upcoming challenges like Nightmare Mode of the Dxun Operation, in order to play it, you can do so to get started:

Use your account to enter SWTOR
Select PTS Character Copy
Copy server and characters
View the current status of your character copy at the top of the page
Start the update 6.1.1 PTS

Alongside the changes of update 6.1.1, it will greatly improve some of the game modes in SWTOR like Conquest system, in short, this will be one of the major updates of SWTOR and it is worth looking forward to.

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