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Removed And Reserved Players And Items In Queen Update Of Albion Online

Posted: Dec 17, 2019

Posted: Dec 17, 2019

Source:  IGGM

The developer of Albion Online discussed to add the Queen update and made some adjustments, including some feature changes in the New Outlands Map, Hideouts, Open-World Territory Battles, Expanded Crystal Realm Battles, Zerg Debuffs and the Smart Cluster Queen. #Albion Online Upcoming Update Queen Leak: Change, Game Mode, System And Release.#

The Queen update is set to release on January 20, 2020, and Sandbox also revealed related changes in advance, the Outlands will be completely reworked, all territories and siege camps in the Royal Continent will be removed with very few exceptions. In order for you to be able to figure out all the changes, here is a list of the players and items migrated for Queen's update.

Removed players: All in the Outlands will be removed to the cities with the portal closest to them.

The ones who are in affected zones in the Royal continent will be removed to the nearest zone entrance.

Removed islands: The personal and guild islands created before Queen update will be removed before February 20, 2020.

Removed items: All personal items in banks and battlevaults will be removed to the Royal City that is closest or has the closest portal.

Guild banks in territories will be removed to the owning guild's Guild Island Bank.

The Guild without any island will be destroyed.

The Farmable items and building left in territories will be removed and be unavailable.

Reserved items: All currently for sale or in the completed tab of marketplaces in Guild Home Territories.

All placeable chests, the content inside them, and placed furniture items.

All in all, if you may use these items above in Albion Online, you'd better look at each one carefully to prevent item loss.

What you are concerned about is still the in-game currency, Albion Online Silver, which can buy almost everything to make you upgrade.

IGGM can provide you with cheap AO Silver at any time, it is an excellent producer without any supplier, which could not make you spend too much or wait too long. If necessary, please feel free to contact us.


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