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Compared To Pokémon, Temtem Top Features To Play

Posted: Mar 09, 2020

Posted: Mar 09, 2020

Source:  IGGM

What a popular game is Pokémon, known by all children. Years of development have allowed it to build up a strong player base, and let it be often compared with other games from various aspects. Among them, a newly released MMORPG Temtem has been mentioned many times with its many similarities with Pokémon, and analyzed their respective advantages and disadvantages. The article is about the significant features of Temtem to play.

Generally speaking, the release of Temtem was inspired by Pokémon, that is to say, it inevitably reworks part of the original game, but not copy.

MMOStrictly speaking, Pokémon is not an MMO, but Temtem encourages players to interact with others through a main quest and more side tasks. Or there is someone who is not one for battles, it’s also good to find fun bombarding an NPC's home, or joining a group.

With Temtem, it provides more flexible battle modes, and expand more different and better than Pokémon, rather than playing alone.

Battle ModeIt is undeniable that synergy in games can make a group stronger, especially in Temtem full of various battles, which is more obvious than in Pokémon. In Temtem's 2v2 battle system, the stamina meter can not only clearly show your stamina but also your opponent's to let you better judge how long the battle can last, and accurately choose the timing to attack or retain physical strength. It is impossible to appear in Pokémon, so if you want to defeat your opponent in Temtem quickly, just keep a little longer when his stamina reaches zero.

Main CharacterIn order to better integrate into the game, it adds a lot of NPCs in Temtem, each of them seems to know others, and say hello to all, accompany to complete the quests, that is, you could be the real main character in Temtem, rather than a group of Temtem creatures, this is a different experience than Pokémon players didn't have.

Temtem has added a flexible currency to play, Pansun, which is allowed to trade in the game. While Temtem releases, the players' demand for Temtem Pansun is also increasing.

IGGM is willing to provide you all with high-quality, safe and reasonably priced Temtem Pansun for a long time after considering the real needs of consumers, this is an absolutely safe store that can bring convenience to your game anytime, anywhere.


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