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News Tag: Diablo 4 Six Rarest Unique Gears

  • Diablo 4: You Need to Farm Six Rarest Unique Gears - Devs Confirmed

    Posted: Jul 21, 2023

    There's been a ton of rumors, and a ton of people speculating, are these incredibly rare Ancestral Uniques actually active in Diablo 4? Such as Shaco, such as Grandfather, these really impactful Ancestral Uniques. 

    Some Speculations

    I just want to see proof at this point, I just don't believe it until I see proof, there has been a couple examples, of people dropping Shaco's there has been proven screenshots. But I haven't seen any Grandfathers, and I haven't seen a lot of these other ancestral uniques. Because they were so rare there's a lot of speculation, like is there a level requirement

    Do you need to have beaten Uber Lilith? At level 100, you need to do all these things to finally unlock something is it only location bases, there's certain dungeons. A lot of theories we could finally clear up a ton of those rumors, because we have a actual Blizzard Dev giving us real details

    The Rarest Unique Items In Diablo 4

    I want to give you some details about the rarest unique Diablo 4 items. So here we go, we have four things, they can drop from level 85 plus enemies, and as we've seen that 90% of people haven't even beat the campaign, it really makes sense, why these are so rare not many people in the grand scheme of things our past level 85. 

    You can get them anywhere, you can get a regular unique, and they always drop at 820 item power. Which is interesting, it's crazy that there's no actual other limit, it must be 0.0001% drop chance or something. We currently have six of them in game, and they're really rare. 

    Let's actually take a look at these six items, that are in game because some of these are super impactful. 


    Start with Grandfather. In Diablo 4, this is a popular one that people have talked about 820 item power here, and it increases just raw damage things about Grandfather that just doesn't exist on normal, two-handed's fact where it increases your Critical Strike damage by 76%, and this is multiplicative, this is the good one. 

    Then it also ignores Durability Loss, which is kind of a nice little bonus, but it is very unique. This 2200 maximum life can go up to 2700, and this is not even upgraded, probably can go up to 3000, something which is absolutely absurd. This is three times the amount of flat life you would get normally, and as a Barbarian, I always get plant life. 

    So this is a very good stat and it's tripling what you normally get, plus us to all stats which is kind of good, just straight up percentage plus damage there, up to 56% pretty crazy to see.


    We also have Doombringer, this is a Unique Slashing, 820 print strike damage as core, damage percentage and lucky hit up to a 5% she has to heal. Not that great, it also increases maximum life, potentially up to 26% which is ridiculous. 

    Then we have the lucky hit, up to a 25 chance lucky hit, to deal schlatt amount of Shadow damage, to surrounding enemies and reduce their Damage Done, by 20 for five seconds you're gaining the percentage life like imagine having both of these. People are gonna be in the 25k range of life, can be absurd, so this one's insane.

    Andariel's Visage

    In Andariel's Visage, so plus all stats, attack speed, lifesteal which is new, that's something you can't get. Poison resistance which is a bummer, lucky hit up to a 20% chance to trigger a poisonova that applies 10K poison damage over 5 seconds, enemies in that area, which can help you farm Diablo 4 Gold faster.

    Ring Of Starless Skies

    We have Ring of Starless Skies in Diablo 4, not the greatest roles, it depends on your build I guess. But lucky hit chance, Critical Strike chance, Critical Strike damage, and then course skill damage, so it's I would say a very solid one, but not ideal and at least in the situations as a Barbarian. So each consecutive core skill cast reduces the resource cost of your next core skill, by up to 12% up to a maximum of 40%, that puts research generation into shame. Being able to spam the core skills and then get that much potential resource back, it's a very good ring there, very good headpiece there

    Harlequin Crest 

    Here is Harlequin Crest, this is also what people refer to as Shaco, from people that have played Diablo 2. I believe, I never played it, I don't understand it, but I've been calling it Shaco because everyone calls it Shaco in Diablo 4

    We have another potential way to get a ton of bass, and we have cooldown reduction which is the normal Roman, resource generation normally only goes on rings, but you can get it here on the headpiece. That's new and then all stats that's normal gain up to 20 damage reduction, which is wild but the big thing that people really want it for is going to be in addition gain plus four ranks to all skills. 

    Melted Heart Of Selig

    Let's talk about the last one here, Melted Heart of Selig, plus all staves, poor skill damage. If I got these roles, I wouldn't be happy with this. Your research generation is nice, but the other stuff is pretty mid. 

    On the Ring, when you take damage during six resources, gain an additional 30% of your maximum resources for every 1% of your life lost. So gains 30% maximum resource, I wonder if that actually caps you like for fury. On a Barbarian in Diablo 4, if that actually increases your Fury cap, and then if that's the case that would be absolutely absurd, you're missing out on vulnerable crit damage

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    All this stuff so I'm not sure if this is actually worth it but pretty cool, and unique thing that depending on which class, could actually be pretty sweet. I just happen to always look at everything from the lens as a Barbarian, that's the update here pretty cool to see that these are actually all in game, they're just incredibly rare.  

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