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News Tag: Diablo 4 Kulle Heart Quest

  • Diablo 4 Season 3: The Best Way To Complete Kulle’s Heart Quest Quickly

    Posted: Feb 01, 2024

    The new season brings a new campaign to Diablo 4 as well as unique enemies and even Robot Companions. But one of the major draws of each season of Diablo 4 has always been the new seasonal questline, which provides a wealth of lore surrounding new themes and enemies.

    As always, besides the major story, players will have to complete several side missions. However, completing quests like Kulle’s Heart in Diablo 4 Season 3 can be quite challenging.

    Kulle’s Heart Quest is one quest that looks quite simple, as part of it will be completed during Season of Constructs campaign. However, the rest of the mission may be more obvious. Here we’ll show you how to complete Season of Constructs’ new Kulle’s Heart Quest.

    Kulle’s Heart Quest Explained

    Season 3’s Kulle’s Heart Quest requires players to find 5 Zoltun Kulle’s Journals in the game.

    Some players may have noticed that you can already find one or two of these journals by completing the main quests associated with the season. These are obtained while doing Vault dungeon introductions in one of the many areas the questline takes you through, and this is how you complete the quest.

    Zoltun Kulle’s Journals can be found by opening Wardwoven Chests at the end of Vault dungeon. You can access these Vaults from open world entrances scattered throughout the areas, as well as from your Gatehall primary hub. Of course, you can also enter these Vaults by crafting different Vault Sigils, which will give you access to their higher-level variants.

    It’s important to note that the chance of Journals dropping appears to be random, so the best way to ensure you get all 5 Zoltun Kulle’s Journals is to open as many Wardwoven Chests as possible. When playing World Tier 4 difficulty, you will find 3 different chests at the end of Vaults.

    There are no copies of these Journals dropped, so after getting the first 5 copies of Zoltun Kulle’s Journals, your mission is complete. This quest will not spawn any subsequent quests, and the only rewards you will receive are some Diablo 4 Gold and XP for completing quests in Seasonal Journey.

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    All Zoltun Kulle’s Journals Locations

    Like most side quests in Diablo 4, Kulle’s Heart Quest won’t be available to players until they’ve progressed through Season Campaign.

    First Journal Location

    To be more precise, you need to complete Ennead Quest, which will unlock Gatehall. In this central area, players can find the first of five Zoltun Kulle’s Journals. After this, you need to find the remaining journals to complete Kulle’s Heart side quest.

    Second Journal Location

    Fortunately, the second Zoltun Kulle’s Journal will easily fall into players’ hands. You just need to follow the seasonal story quest. In Miracle Quest, you will need to fight Malphas Boss. If you defeat him, you’ll get the desired Diablo 4 item from the boss drop.

    Last Three Journals Locations

    At this stage, many players may be confused because, unlike the first two, the remaining journals are difficult to find.

    You must clear Vaults and open Wardwoven Chests. Unlike regular chests, these chests require a fee to open, namely Zoltun’s Warding charges. You can also choose to exchange them for Pearls of Warding before entering the dungeon. But the various traps along the way will take away energy, so this is a challenge.

    Additionally, Zoltun Kulle’s Journals, required to complete Kulle’s Heart Quest, will only appear in chests in Nightmare Vaults. Therefore, you must craft Vault Sigils to increase the difficulty of the dungeon. But if you’re lucky, clearing three Vaults will be enough for you to complete the mission.

    Here’s everything you need to know about Kulle’s Heart Quest in Diablo 4 Season 3. Although this side quest may seem quite troublesome. However, by following our advice, you can collect all five Zoltun Kulle’s Journals as quickly as possible. Good luck!

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