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RuneScape: Is It Still Worth Playing In 2023?

Posted: Mar 07, 2023

Posted: Mar 07, 2023

Source:  IGGM

An Old School RuneScape player has been playing the game for 8 years, using nearly 19,000 hours to achieve the most impressive achievement in the game to date.

Old School RuneScape is one of the most bland MMO games of all time, but this new achievement by Old School RuneScape players has brought more players back to the game.

For many players, the use of skills may not be as proficient as the old players of Old School RuneScape. But the two patches of Runescape are very popular with players because of their different task designs.

These tasks are not only challenging but also increase the player’s interest in playing the game. More importantly, these tasks are also interspersed with this part of the dominant story. Players can get corresponding RuneScape Gold rewards by understanding the major story and completing tasks.

Old School RuneScape

The unique task system is also the main reason Runescape can last for a long time. Players can enjoy the game even during work breaks.

YouTuber user did the notable achievement Devious. He managed to get four different Ironman accounts to use unique skills during the challenge for maximum efficiency.

Devious completed an Ironman, a Hardcore Ironman, an Ultimate Ironman, and a Hardcore Group Ironman. Among them, Old School RuneScape has added a new limit for each Ironman account. So that Ultimate Ironman can’t use banks in the game at all.

The purpose of this video made by player Devious is not to celebrate this achievement, but to know how to quickly complete tasks in the game.

Devious has been working on this thing since 2014, persisted for 8 years, and totaled over 19,100 hours of challenge time, showing his determination to every player. Surprisingly, Devious said that the original Ironman account was actually the longest-used part of it, with a total of nearly 6,072 hours of use.

At the same time, Devious is also the only player to achieve this achievement in Old School RuneScape. Although it took Devious a lot of time and effort to achieve this achievement, Devious doesn’t intend to stop there and is planning his next series of challenges. At the same time, this news successfully aroused the interest of RuneScape players everywhere.

With the release of Old School Runescape, nearly 10 years of game history have also made many players feel that the quality of the game is declining. This kind of thinking is completely understandable, because in the eyes of many players, the original game seems like a way to nostalgia, and the game itself is not attractive enough.

However, as time goes by, the number of players of Old School Runescape is still increasing, which can already explain the enduring of the game.

Throughout the development process of Old School Runescape, Jagex paid great attention to players’ ideas. Before each update, Jagex voted in the community to understand players’ wishes, and at the same time gave timely feedback on players’ ideas. This makes Old School Runescape well received in the community, which is also one of the important reasons for improving player stickiness.


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