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Runescape Christmas Cracker Event Is Coming For December

Posted: Dec 02, 2019

This is the final month of 2019, Christmas is coming soon, and a series of celebrations will follow. Runescape is a popular MMORPG, and it hosts a large Christmas event every year to entertain friends.

The Christmas Cracker event is going to return. If this is your first time to come here, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the game process. First of all, you need to invite your friends to build a huge cracker in the Grand Exchange, gaining Construction XP through completing missions. Once the cracker is built, you can open it and obtain a huge reward inside it.

The Christmas Cracker event will start on December 16, ten days before Christmas, and it won't stop until January 5. More importantly, there are no additional requirements for everyone to join the event and never costing for it.

Except for the Cracker event, you need to help Santa find the lost gifts. Since his sleigh can't afford heavy gifts, Santa has some troubles with them. You have to find them and give to the Children of Gielinor, surely, you will also get a snuggly Rudolf jumper, the Merry title, and some Cracker Paper as gifts from Santa.

It will be very busy throughout December, and there are many other separate events in Runescape related to Christmas. Before Christmas, there are some great gifts in Runescape for everyone on the Advent Calendar every day, which includes a new range of cosy Christmas Jumpers, the Santa Claws weapons override and the Santa Paws outfits for Felix the Cat. Moreover, only login calendar reaches 15 days, you can get Merry the Christmas Yeti in Runescape.

All in all, Christmas is happy, and this is also the best time to celebrate the end of this year. Runescape is such a popular game, and you need to be well prepared to enhance the equipment and character in order to have a happy Christmas. Buy Runescape Gold, which can save you much time during Black Friday Sale, and help you complete the challenges faster than others.


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