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MapleStory Invites You To Participate Its 15th Anniversary With a Pixel Party

Posted: Apr 22, 2020

Time flies, it has passed away 15 years since the first release of MapleStory, inviting players to a special event, Pixel Party. You could take on the role of the Honorary Pixel Hero to protect the Pixel Kingdom and rescue Princess Aurora from the evil Lord Pixrog.

Starting from April 22, the Maplers level 33 can gain special items, daily EXP and Drop coupons until May 13, 2020 as the event will provide new levels and puzzles to complete.

Becoming an Honorary Pixel Hero is your unshirkable task, starting as a 1-5star Hero and work your way up until becoming a 5-5star Hero. During the period, you'll be awarded more power and skill including Typhoon Growth Potion and Pixel equipment. Then, you'll be invited to explore the 16-bit Pixel Kingdom and collect Pixel Coins to buy special items in the Pixel Coin Shop.

Beyond that, the Mega Burning Project will return through the celebration, through May 19, players can create one Mega Burning Project character to gain double as many levels each time you level up, until Level 150, you'll get the Keep On Burning medal, Lv.30 Equipment Box, Legendary Cryptic Chest and Mysterious Cryptic Chest.

Moreover, since MapleStory 2 will shut down servers worldwide at the end of May, in order to thank MapleStory 2 players for their support, there is a welcome event catered to MapleStory 2 players through May 26 for participating in special quests and relays to earn rewards including Tria Traveler title, 1 90-day Ducky Mount Coupon, Maple Welcome Damage Skin, and so on.

All in all, you will have a busy MapleStory 15th anniversary.

Compared to MapleStory, there is another popular version, MapleStory M, attracting a large amount of Maplers, which is an exciting game to take on and enjoy a pleasant journey with your mobile phone.

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