Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.15 Introduces Blue Mage Update And New Mounts
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.15 Introduces Blue Mage Update And New Mounts

Square Enix is constantly developing Final Fantasy XIV, and its latest expansion, Shadowbringers has even become the major highlight of the game by telling the conflict between Light and Darkness Warriors in the world destroyed by the flood of light. And after that, Square Enix still released a series of patch notes to make it perfect.

Recently, Square Enix released some screenshots of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.15, introducing a new Blue Mage update and new mounts to the public.

Square Enix introduced Blue Mage update itself like this:

"Since last you met, Martyn has been striving to further the interests of the fledgling Blue Mages' Guild. Not only has he uncovered a wealth of powerful spells for you to master, he has also arranged for groups exclusively comprised of blue mages to journey into perilous territory to test the limits of their abilities."

In addition, it adds several new mounts in Patch 5.15, but Square Enix did not give them much introduction, except for a few images. And more details will be revealed later.

According to Square Enix, it can be guessed that the content appearing in Final Fantasy XIV that we are playing is only a small part of the whole story, and there are plenty of tantalizing possibilities for future stories, which might also be one of the main reasons that it won't give up Final Fantasy XIV in the short term.

The charm of Final Fantasy XIV is that it is always new, and the storyline introduced in the updates was consistent with the real world. For example, it mentioned human attitudes to world climate change in Shadowbringers, which might evoke the world's emphasis on the current serious social problems in an ear and deal with it.

However, Final Fantasy XIV is only a game after all, and it brings more fun to players, which is also the real accusation of such a popular MMORPG.

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