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Dungeonborne: How To Explore Sinner’s End? - Routes & Tips

Sinner’s End is a tomb-like map filled with skeleton creatures and terrifying monsters. This map is a test of your wits as you traverse winding causeways that are full of dangers around every corner.

This is a very dark map, and Vantage Points are hard to come by, so ambushes are very common. The best way to avoid ambushes is to have a torch ready and try to fill the area with light.

Here are some recommended routes for this map that will help you get more Dungeonborne Gold.

Gold Farming Route

Gold Farming (PVE): If your goal is to farm PVE, then it is only recommended that you stay on outskirts of the map. There are many easy-to-deal-with PVE enemies on the outskirts of the map, so you can sneak away from the players after dealing with them. There are also static extracts in the back, south, and east of the map that you can extract when needed.

Gold Farming (Chest): First, we need to understand clearly which chests are on this map. There are five chests in total. These chests are:

  1. In Center of Labyrinth.
  2. In Central Arena Ahamber.
  3. A Reaper above Gold Horde.
  4. At Khazra guard in the cave.
  5. Under Drawbridge Style Barricade.

The first three chests are easy to get, but the last two are a bit difficult because they are guarded by elite mobs. Unless you have Stealth or Pushing effects, it is not worth taking these two chests.

PVP Route

PVP Route: Three areas that many players are fighting for. These three places are:

  • Labyrinthe: Because there is a chest here.
  • Central Arena Chamber: Because the landscape here can be constantly changed, allowing players to perform dynamic combat.
  • Sewer Room: There is a shrine in it, and the shrine will drop Resurrection Stone.

These three places are prominent combat areas, because in these three places, you can not only get loot but also Resurrection Stone. Many players will rush to the Sewer Room like a river. Of course, the purpose is to revive their fallen teammates.

Players are attracted to these two locations because they offer exciting combat experiences and the opportunity to gain unexpected rewards after defeating enemies.

Elite Route

Elite Route: It is recommended to chase Reaper. Although their attack speed is very fast and powerful, they will send enough telegraphed in advance, and we can completely parry and dodging the attacks.

In this map, there are a total of four Reapers. Two of them are very close. If you still feel unsatisfied after dealing with these two, you can go to a static corrupted portal. There is a Khazars nearby, and you can try to deal with it.

There are many unknown traps in Sinner’s End, so it is very necessary to find out where the traps are. We can use traps to ambush enemies, or we can use traps to escape from others’ pursuit.

The boss of this map is called Wendigo, and it is located in the center of this map. He moves very fast and has heavy damage with ice-based projectiles. So it is foolish to challenge it easily before you are strong enough and don’t understand this mechanism of this monster.

How much do you know about Sinner’s End after reading this article? Is it helpful to you? I personally think that Sinner’s End is indeed not an easy map.

Elden Ring: How To Find All Great Grave Gloveworts In Shadow Of The Erdtree?

Elden Ring offers a variety of tools that can make your quest through this massive world a little easier. You can also craft items that target enemy weaknesses, and even summon Spirit Ashes to help you in more challenging battles.

Like weapons, Spirit Ashes need to be upgraded to become more powerful. So what do you need to upgrade Spirit Ashes? Grave Gloveworts. Grave Gloveworts are hidden in various places throughout the map, especially in caves and dungeons.

But if you want to upgrade your favorite summons, you need Great Grave Gloveworts. Unlike the former, this is a limited resource, with 5 in the base game and 6 in the DLC. This guide will detail the locations of the 6 Great Grave Gloveworts so that you can upgrade the Spirit Ashes you want as quickly as possible.

Difference Between Great Grave Glovewort And Great Ghost Glovewort

Before explaining the location of each Great Grave Glovewort, we need to distinguish the difference between the two types of Gloveworts. You can compare these two to Smithing Stones and Somber Smithing Stones, which are used to upgrade standard weapons and special weapons, respectively.

Similarly, Grave Gloveworts are used to upgrade standard Spirit Ashes, and Ghost Gloveworts are used to upgrade renowned/elite Spirit Ashes. Spirit Ashes can be upgraded to a maximum of 10 levels, and the last upgrade will require rare variants of these Gloveworts - Great Grave Glovewort and Great Ghost Glovewort.

If you still can't find the location of a Great Grave Glovewort according to the order of this guide, you can enter the game community through Discord and discuss with other players. In addition, IGGM Discord will also post some activities to give away Elden Ring Runes. Come and join us!

First One

There are five Great Grave Gloveworts in Cerulean Coast, one of which can be found in an underground tunnel southwest of Cerulean Coast West Site of Grace. To get Great Grave Glovewort, head southeast from Cerulean Coast West Site of Grace and look for a cliff leading down from the slope along the coast.

Carefully enter the tunnel and continue northeast until you reach the exit. Great Grave Glovewort can be found near a bull pedestal on a stone structure.

Second One

The second Great Grave Glovewort is north of Cerulean Coast West Site of Grace, but to get there, you’ll need to first head northeast, then go around the hills along the northwest canyon.

The canyon leads to the northern shore of Cerulean Coast, where you can defeat Demi-Human Queen Marigga to obtain Star-Lined Sword, an intelligence-based sword, and some Elden Ring Runes. To the southwest of the coastline is a large ship-like structure. Climb this to obtain yet another Great Grave Glovewort.

Third One

The next Great Grave Glovewort is found near Cerulean Coss Site of Grace, but if you haven’t explored the area to unlock it, you can start your journey from Cerulean Coast Site of Grace. First, head south from this Site of Grace, past Ghostflame Dragon. Eventually, you’ll find a Map Fragment monument, where you can get a Cerulean Coast map.

Next, turn east from Map Fragment monument and make your way through the ruins to the coastline. As you continue running along the coastline, keep an eye out for a large ruined stone structure to the west. Once you find the stone structure, ride up to it and collect the third Great Grave Glovewort from the stone pedestal.

Fourth One

The fourth Great Grave Glovewort can also be found on Cerulean Coast. Start by discovering Cerulean Cross Site of Grace, then head north and come across an abandoned stone structure to find Great Grave Glovewort. Jump onto the structure and turn northeast.

After a short distance, you’ll come to a cliff. Drop down to another ship-like stone structure below and collect the fourth Great Grave Glovewort from its pedestal.

Fifth One

The fifth Great Grave Glovewort is found on Cerulean Coast, but can only be accessed from Charo’s Hidden Grave, a large plateau that towers over Cerulean Coast.

You can reach Charo’s Hidden Grave by going through Dragon Pit to discover Dragon Pit Terminus Site of Grace. Then, travel south to find Grand Altar of Dragon Communion, then travel a short distance west to reach Charo’s Hidden Grave, decorated with crimson flowers.

Now, to find Great Grave Glovewort itself, travel southwest from Charo’s Hidden Grave Site of Grace as you approach the cliffs. Eventually, you’ll find a similar stone structure, and you can climb down to collect the final Great Grave Glovewort on Cerulean Coast.

Read More: How To Make More Bleed Damage In Elden Ring Shadow Of The Erdtree? - With The Best Bleed Weapons

Sixth One

To get the last Great Grave Glovewort in Shadow of the Erdtree, you need to head to Shadow Keep from Church District Entrance. You can reach the corresponding Site of Grace by first discovering Bonny Village and running along the north-northwest path.

When you first arrive at Shadow Keep from Church District entrance, most of the area is flooded with water and your only means of movement is to parkour across the rooftops.

To get the sixth Great Grave Glovewort, head northwest from Church Distance Entrance Site of Grace and jump down onto the rooftops. Turn west and you’ll see an orange glow emanating from a corpse on a ledge. To reach the corpse, approach the western edge of the rooftop and jump onto the floating wooden log. Then, make your way through a series of wooden logs to reach the corpse and pick up the last Great Grave Glovewort.

These are the locations of all Great Grave Gloveworts in Shadow of the Erdtree. Have you ever had them before? If not, then go find them now!

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