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News Tag: Palworld Water Element Pals

  • Palworld: A Comprehensive Explanation Of All Water Element Pals And Their Pokemon Counterparts

    Posted: Jan 22, 2024

    Palworld has frequently been fondly referred to as "Pokemon with guns" since its unveiling in 2021.

    While certain Pals in Palworld navigate a delicate balance between an original concept and an exact replica of specific Pokemon, it's evident that Game Freak's renowned franchise significantly influenced Pocketpair's successful new game. Consequently, each Water-element Pal in Palworld has a distinct counterpart in the Pokemon universe, with the level of obviousness varying based on the extent of deviation from their Pokemon counterpart.

    Similar to the Pokemon series, Palworld also incorporates elemental types for each of its Pals, with specific elements holding an advantage over others, although the game includes only half as many elements as Pokemon.

    While exploring Palworld, players are likely to come across Pals of various elements, including some that can assume different elemental forms through fusion. When identifying their Pokemon counterpart, only the original forms of these Pals will be taken into account, as their designs mostly remain unchanged with only a few elemental alterations.

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    Pals Of The Water Element & Their Corresponding Pokemon Counterparts

    While the majority of Pokemon corresponding to Water-element Pals are Water-type themselves, there are a few exceptions, such as Cufant and Goodra, serving as evident inspirations for Teafant and Relaxaurus, respectively.

    Teafant closely resembles Cufant in body shape and elephant motif, even though the latter is a Steel type in its original series. However, Relaxaurus is a dual Water/Dragon element Pal, sharing 1 element with Goodra.

    Goodra evolves from Sliggoo in the rain, establishing some associations with the Water type as well.

    Penking Serves As The Empoleon Equivalent In Palworld

    Among the Water-type Pokemon with counterparts in Palworld, Empoleon and Penking exhibit the most evident resemblance.

    Although they may not share identical physical appearances, they are conceptually akin as both are penguin-based creatures inspired by regal rulers.

    Penking's name is a combination of "penguin" and "king," while Empoleon derives its name from the emperor penguin and Napoleon.

    The primary distinction between these 2 creatures lies in their secondary typing. Empoleon acquires the Steel type upon evolution, whereas Penking incorporates Ice as its secondary element alongside Water.

    Kelpsea Is Palworld's Counterpart To Lapras

    A prominent Water type in the Pokemon series is Gen 1's Lapras, renowned for enabling players to surf on its back. Therefore, it's not unexpected that Palworld introduces its own counterpart in the form of the Pal Kelpsea.

    Although Kelpsea draws inspiration from the Kelpie of Scottish folklore, it exudes a similar grace and beauty to Lapras, establishing a natural association between the 2 creatures.

    However, while Kelpsea is exclusively a Water element Pal, Lapras is a dual Water/Ice type, indicating that their typings are not precisely identical.

    Jormuntide Is Palworld's Equivalent To Gyarados

    Among the formidable creatures in their respective games, Jormuntide and Gyarados exhibit distinct similarities.

    Both are scaly sea serpents with flowing whiskers reminiscent of leviathan-like dragons, making them unmistakable counterparts for fans of both Palworld and Pokemon.

    Although many fans believe Gyarados should have been a Water/Dragon type rather than a Water/Flying type, Jormuntide fulfills this desire with its accurate Water/Dragon elemental typing, reflecting its draconic design.

    This typing imparts a sense that Jormuntide could be a redesign of Gyarados while maintaining its unique identity.

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