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News Tag: New World Gold Making Guide

  • New World: How To Maximize Coins In Season 5? - 4 Ways

    Posted: Mar 05, 2024

    The upcoming release of Season 5 in New World heralds the arrival of several lucrative opportunities for making New World Coins

    This guide will explore various methods to capitalize on these opportunities during the initial days of New World Season 5. Let’s delve into the details without delay.

    1. Matrices

    The first point may seem obvious, but it’s essential to emphasize, particularly with the arrival of Season 5. 

    New artifacts are being introduced to the game, some of which are exceptionally powerful. This will undoubtedly drive demand as players rush to acquire and upgrade these artifacts quickly. Consequently, prices for armor, jewelry, and weapon matrices are expected to soar during the initial days of Season 5. 

    To capitalize on this opportunity, consider placing buy orders at the lowest possible cost or engaging in bulk crafting using gypsum casts. This will allow you to flip these items for a quick profit on day 1.

    2. Ingredients

    Furthermore, Season 5 introduces new recipes for high-quality attribute foods

    It may be advantageous to take quick screenshots of these recipes as the prices for their ingredients are likely to surge in the initial days of Season 5. 

    Therefore, consider purchasing ingredients at lower prices now to capitalize on selling them at higher prices later.

    3. Refining Components

    Moving on, let’s discuss refining components

    Typically, New World experiences a surge in activity during the initial days of a new season launch. This influx of players leads to increased crafting and utilization of various components, resulting in higher demand and subsequently higher prices. This trend persists not only during Season 5, but also in subsequent seasons.

    To prepare for this, consider placing buy orders or purchasing inexpensive components in bulk. By doing so, you can capitalize on selling them for higher prices during the first two days of the next season’s launch. I’ve already stocked up on a significant quantity of these components when buy orders were at 0.1, ensuring easy profits as I anticipate higher selling prices during the early days of Season 5.

    4. Resource Nodes

    Another notable addition is the introduction of numerous new resource nodes in Season 5 of New World. This influx of resources, particularly ore, is expected to drive down the overall cost of various resource types.

    You have 2 viable options: 

    • Firstly, consider selling off all your reserves of Orichalcum and Mythril preemptively. 
    • Alternatively, upon the launch of Season 5, seize the opportunity to engage in intensive mining activities in Myrkgard. By swiftly gathering resources and selling them before prices decline, you can maximize your profits.

    5. Market Flipping

    Finally, it’s crucial to anticipate the upcoming additions to the game, particularly the introduction of new weapons and armor pieces. For instance, let’s focus on the new artifact designed to enhance slash damage.

    Given this development, crafting modifications geared towards boosting slash damage are likely to be in high demand during the initial days of Season 5, leading to an increase in their overall price.

    If you’re willing to take a calculated risk, consider accessing the trading post and placing some buy orders to capitalize on this potential surge in prices. While it’s improbable that 50 people will purchase these items on day one of Season 5, there’s a significant likelihood that their prices will substantially rise. 

    This strategy can be applied to various other items as well. The key is to assess upcoming content and adjust your approach based on anticipated demand.

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