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News Tag: Honkai Star Rail Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities Event

  • Honkai Star Rail: How To Complete Everwinter City Museum Ledger Of Curiosities Event?

    Posted: Jun 10, 2023

    I’m here today to bring you a quick guide to the new Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities Event. I’ll go over how the campaign works, my suggested way to go about it, quick notes, and the overall rewards you can earn.

    Event Overview

    So essentially, this event is a manager simulation. You have sections that need to be hosted. You’ll also need to hire assistants to help you improve your Morals. We also need to pay attention to the sections of Tour Duration, Educational Value and Visitor Appeal. Then, you can start managing and collecting RevitaScores.

    The higher your section ranks, the more RevitaScore you earn. Therefore, you get more money per administrative scan. You can also earn more RevitaScore with other operational goals in the lower right corner. Its purpose is to maximize your RevitaScore so you can unlock the next available segment. So this is History and Culture Museum for me.

    Approach To Maximizing RevitaScore & Funds

    So what’s the best way to maximize RevitaScore and funds? You’re basically like I mentioned before. You’ll want to get an S rank on all the parts you’ve currently unlocked. We grade them from C to S. The higher the level, the more RevitaScore and funds you earn from each section.

    Now as far as Morals system is concerned. You always want to exceed the available threshold. This will get you an S rank in that section. That way, you can mix and match assistants to help.

    But let’s say you lack visitor traction, like the example I gave here. If I adjust my Exhibition Area from level 4 to level 5, it results in me missing 10 and 25 Morals in Tour Duration and Educational Value respectively.

    What you can do in this case is upgrade Tour Guidance and easily replenish the last 10 Morals you need. So my order advice is: upgrade your sector or area first. Then work with your assistants to replenish your Morals stats. Finally, just perform Morals upgrade to pass the threshold in order to be at S rank in said section. Although the higher their level, the more expensive they are to upgrade. But the more RevitaScore and funds you can get.

    When you unlock these areas, you will receive a lot of funds. When you unlock General Hall, you will receive 15,000 funds as a reward. After you unlock Industrial Hall, you can also get 50,000 funds as a reward.

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    So I’m going to break down the rewards for each available segment.

    For Ledger of Curiosities, you will get 5 Stellar Jade for every index you unlock, for a total of 75 Stellar Jade.

    For Guest Assistants, you also get 5 Stellar Jade for each unlocked. There are 45 Stellar Jade in total.

    For stage rewards, when you reach a certain status in that Museum. You can get up to: 100 Stellar Jade, 250,000 Credits, 12 Traveler’s Guide and 1 Tracks of Destiny.

    For limited-time rewards, there are 3 progression stages. Across all 3 progression stages, you can earn a total of: 600 Stellar Jade, 660k Credits, 48 Traveler’s Guide, 30 Refined Aether, and 1 Tracks of Destiny.

    For Exhibit Collection, you can get up to: 400 Stellar Jade, 240k Credits, 60 Lost Crystal and 1 Self-Modeling Resin.

    The sum of all these rewards is: 1,200 Stellar Jade, 1,150,000 Credits, 60 Traveler’s Guide, 30 Refined Aether, 60 Lost Crystal, 2 Tracks of Destiny, and 1 Self-Modeling Resin.

    Final Thoughts

    So what do you think of this Everwinter City Museum Ledger of Curiosities Event? All in all, I thought the event was pretty cool. Not much to do other than a few ultra-short side tasks.

    The most important reward is A1, absolutely outstanding. This is definitely a help for those who don’t have enough credits or general materials. So, players who haven’t joined yet, hurry up and get a new Honkai Star Rail Account to try it out, it’s definitely worth.

    What I want to say is that I hope that future activities can maintain this reward standard. I always welcome generosity when it comes to events across Gachas. Because in my opinion, it makes participating and finishing races feel more fulfilling.

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