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News Tag: Genshin Impact Gaming Guide

  • Genshin Impact 4.4: Is Gaming Worth Being Pulled As F2P At C0?

    Posted: Jan 05, 2024

    Here, I am going to talk about Gaming in Genshin Impact's upcoming 4.4 update and determine if he is worth for F2P

    To help you understand him better, I will go over his skill, burst, and then talents followed by an assessment. 

    If you have played the game Genshin Impact, you will know that generally new characters are very difficult to pull. You need to accumulate enough Primogems in advance to have a chance to obtain them. Therefore, buying Genshin Impact Accounts directly will be your best choice!


    Beginning with his skill, Gaming basically moves forward and then shoots up into the air where he gets a special attack. 

    Using this specific attack, he essentially descends and inflicts pyro damage, which scales separately from the standard plunge attack scaling.

    With the skill, he will also lose 15% of his max HP each time but he will not lose HP if he is below 10% HP. 

    The skill has a 6-second cooldown, which is actually pretty good. But the reason why the skill may seem a little basic other than the fact he is a 4-star is because of how it is used during the burst. 


    Through his burst ability, Gaming will summon a lion and receive an initial set amount of healing. Won’t be lion, it will run to a target and deal AoE pyro damage, and then will link up with Gaming again by rolling back to him. 

    Once linked up, Gaming's skill cooldown will reset and will allow him to do the skill again. Since the skill uses some HP, if Gaming's HP is above 50% after using the skill, then the lion will deploy again and do the same thing, and then reset his cooldown again. 

    The primary source of his damage emanates from this aspect, and I find it intriguing as it truly highlights his skill.

    The thing with the skill though is that it consumes 15% of max HP so it’ll only take 4 uses of the skill to get below 50%. So, you really do need a healer to keep him above 50% to get max skill uses. 


    Now that the burst and skill are out of the way, I’ll get into his talents

    With his first talent, it basically states that when using the plunge attack during his skill duration, he will regain 6% of HP, so in reality he would only be losing 9% HP during each skill. This does make it better where he can have up to 6 uses of the skill during the burst. But since HP can fluctuate from enemies hitting you and whatnot it still is ideal to have a healer. 

    The second talent is kinda similar to Bennett’s burst, where if he has above 50% HP then his plunging damage is increased by 20%. And if he has less than 50% HP then his incoming healing bonus is increased by 20%. This is once again a reason why it’s important to keep him above 50% to maintain the maximum damage output possible for him. 

    Lastly, his third talent increases movement speed by 10% throughout the day, which is the opposite of Rosaria who does it throughout the night. This could prove beneficial since they complement each other, enabling a consistent movement speed when used together. 


    Overall, I do think that Gaming has huge potential to deal insane amounts of damage in melt teams or maybe even vaporize teams where you can use Kokomi to heal while applying hydro

    However, if you have his first constellation, which basically states that the lion in his burst will heal him for 15% HP, you likely don’t need a healer anymore and now have an open slot.

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