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News Tag: FC 24 Corner Techniques

  • EA FC 24: 5 Best Corner Techniques To Help You Score Consistently

    Posted: Jan 20, 2024

    Having one or more corner techniques that you can use to score regularly can have a tremendous impact on your results. This could be the difference between qualifying for Weekend League and ranking high in Champions.

    In this FC 24 tutorial, we will show you 5 different corner scoring techniques. Take them towards the goal, away from the goal or score directly from the corner. There are many ways to use your corners more often to win!

    Outswing Corner

    For the first corner kick technique, you want to play an outswing corner, which means the natural curve is away from the goal. To do this, you must use a right-footed player to take a right-footed corner kick, or a left-footed player to take a left-footed corner kick. You don’t need to adjust the curve of the ball, so don’t move the right stick.

    Now all you have to do is aim the preview line at the center of the 6-yard box and press L1 or LB to switch to the player.

    Because you switched to the player beforehand, the camera perspective will change. You can control the player and reposition him by pressing L1 or LB multiple times. You can also choose the player that best suits that area, which is usually a tall centre-back or forward.

    The corner kick will eventually point towards the near post on the edge of the 6-yard box. You need to have the player in that area press the cross button again and move to the area where the corner kick will be performed. This way you have momentum from now on, which makes you more likely to win the header and score.

    Now you probably have a few questions: What player should I use to take this to the corner? How many bars are there in a corner kick in a tactical setup? This is a good question for takers.

    If you have more FC 24 Coins budget, I highly recommend you to bring a player with Dead Ball Playstyle. Generally speaking, accuracy and power of the curve correlate with corner kicks. But when they have Dead Ball Playstyle, I always prefer players with worse attributes to players with better attributes. This way, the box won’t be crowded with players and my superstar will have more room to shoot.

    But without Playstyle, the technique itself works on all bars in the tactics menu.

    Inswinging Corner

    Now you may ask, if I only have a good corner kick taker to hit the outswing corner, what can I do on the other side? Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the settings here. You can do the same technique using the Inswinging Corner.

    Inswinging means the natural curve is towards the goal, so the right foot is on the left and the left foot is on the right.

    Now you align the preview line with the penalty spot and everything else is the same. You press L1 or LB to switch to a player, the power increases by two and a half bars, and the corner also enters the near post area. So move your player there, press the cross button again, and insert your player into it.

    Direct Corner

    But now you say, I faced so many mean opponents and they pulled the goalkeeper out. The goalkeeper just caught the ball, and I didn’t even get a chance to insert it.

    Don't worry, I've covered this tactic with the exact same FC 24 players. You need to switch to another player at a corner, but just with a different lineup. You can score directly and punish opponents who move their goalkeeper out of the goal.

    To do this, you need to line up the preview line here while pressing L1 or LB to switch to the previous player. We will also use players in the box as distractions or decoys. By moving inside the box, the opponent will think we want to pass the ball to that player.

    Therefore, they prefer to pull the goalkeeper three bars out, and when the goalkeeper is out of line, press the pass button again. If you do it right, you’ll see your corner kick go straight into the goal from the air, and what a great feeling that is.

    When you can’t line up correctly, you can do the same setup as before, using the player of your choice and moving towards the target. If your corner kick is too short or misses the target, you can score with a header from close range.

    Therefore, I highly recommend not hitting corners too hard and try to avoid putting too much power into it. This can cause the ball to go over the goal, causing you to miss the opportunity to score directly or score with a header.

    Short Corner For Cross

    Now you would think that despite scoring a lot of goals with these direct swing techniques, scoring like this is a little boring. Don’t worry, we have two other Short Corner based technologies.

    You do this by pressing R1/RB button. You can do this before the corner scene switches and your player is already standing there.

    When the camera angle switches or you press it, in this case one of your players will approach after a while. Although it takes longer, I’ve noticed this variation is more effective. Because your opponent has to manually select a player and mark your player. If you do this before the cut scene, a defender will automatically be assigned to your opponent.

    So now all you have to do is make a quick pass and give your intention of trying to cross the goal line so that your opponent has to guard you. Meanwhile, your actual player in the corner will run up behind you and get the ball to them with another pass.

    Now you try to pass the ball to the far post. There’s a good chance one of your players is unmarked or poses an enormous threat in the air, so it’s easy to head the ball in from here.

    I recommend using one or two bars to use this technique. But in order to improve efficiency, you can set up a right player in the left corner or a left player on the right side. The player will cross with this setup.

    Alternatively, you can try using players with Whipped Pass PlayStyles, which will further improve your crossing and success rates.

    Short Corner For Shot

    If I’m terrible at converting headers, or I don’t have players who are good at aerial duels, will I have a chance to score from the corner? Don’t worry, we have a variation that doesn’t require you to complete the header at the end.

    We need to use this year’s fan favorite Finesse Shot or Trivela Shot to pass to the edge of the box. When the ball gets there, you can apply the initial corner attacker by targeting the ball with the left stick and pressing R1/RB.

    Now the player is very close to you, which also leaves them unmarked in the dangerous area on the edge of the box in this position. You can play a clever pass at the far post with your right back. Obviously, players with Finesse Shot Playstyle will do better here. Or you can do Trivela Shot with the dominant foot on the outside. In this case, you must press L2/LT to trigger Trivela Shot.

    This is just one method. There are many more setups and creative ways to get your players into finishing spots around the box. But with these corner techniques, you can now have Arsenal ready and ready to shoot!

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