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News Tag: ESO Guilds and Glory Celebration Event 2024 Guide

  • Elder Scrolls Online: A Comprehensive Guide To Guilds & Glory Celebration Event - The First Event Of 2024 In ESO

    Posted: Jan 19, 2024

    The Elder Scrolls Online is kicking off the new year with the first event for 2024, the Guilds & Glory celebration!

    This event centers around the first 4 DLC released for ESO, the Imperial City, Orsinium, the Thieves Guild, and the Dark Brotherhood.

    The Imperial City is included with the base game, the other 3 will need to be purchased or unlocked through an ESO+ subscription to participate.

    The good news? You can buy all of them bundled together and on sale in the Crown Store.

    What To Do During The Event?

    Throughout the event, as you quest and adventure within Wrothgar, Hew’s Bane, the Gold Coast, and the Imperial City, you’ll earn an assortment of bonus loot, including Reward Boxes, ESO Gold and Event Tickets.

    What Is Dropping Bonus Loot?

    To start, let’s look at all of the double drop opportunities, because there are a bunch this time around.

    You can look forward to increased resource node drops! You’ll receive double reward boxes when you hand in daily quests from these zones, as well as the Maw of Lorkhaj weekly quest. This also includes Thieves’ Guild Heists and Dark Brotherhood Sacraments.

    World bosses, delve bosses, and public dungeon bosses will also drop double the goods. And all this bonus loot also applies to the bosses in Maelstrom Arena, the Imperial City Prison and White Gold Tower dungeons, and the Maw of Lorkhaj trial.

    And in the Imperial City and Sewers, you’ll get additional loot on roaming banner bosses and the patrolling horror bosses.

    Event Boxes

    Next, let’s look at the contents of the event reward boxes and how to get them.

    This event offers 3 glorious reward boxes in total. To get all 3, you’ll need to complete different pieces of content. Each glorious reward box can only be collected once per account each day.

    The event boxes also come in types, based on the zone the content is completed in, so try to pick up your glorious coffers in the zones with the drops that you’re looking to get!

    Glorious Box 1 - Where & What’s Inside?

    The first glorious reward box comes from completing any of the dailies in Wrothgar, Hew’s Bane, the Gold Coast, or by finishing the Maw of Lorkhaj weekly quest.

    This does not include the repeatable contracts for the guilds, but remember that it does include the sacraments and heists.

    Completing any of these types of dailies, a 2nd time will drop a regular reward box that can contain the same types of items, but with smaller chances for some of the more valuable items. The items with a decreased chance in normal boxes are marked with a red arrow.

    Glorious Box 2 - Where & What’s Inside?

    You can get your 2nd glorious box by looting the final boss within the Imperial City Prison, White-Gold Tower, or Maelstrom Arena. 

    Drops for these boxes are slightly different, with the drops not being dependent on the zone, and the set item will come from the completed content.

    Defeating the final boss in any of these for the 2nd time will also reward a regular reward box, again with decreased drop chances.

    Glorious Box 3 - Where & What’s Inside?

    And you can collect a third Glorious Reward Box after you complete your first Imperial City daily quest or slay your first roaming banner boss.

    The patrolling horrors also have a chance to drop a glorious box, but it is not a guaranteed drop. And like the other boxes, the regular version has a lesser chance on some of these drops.

    Chance For More Boxes Doing These Things

    Additionally, you can collect further Regular Reward Boxes by:

    1. Killing World Bosses in Wrothgar, Hew’s Bane, or the Gold Coast zones
    2. Killing the final boss in Imperial City Prison, White-Gold Tower, or Maelstrom Arena
    3. Looting treasure chests, safeboxes, objects such as barrels, Psijic Portals, Thieves Troves or crafting resource nodes.

    What About Tickets?

    There are a ton of ways to earn regular boxes, but what about tickets?

    For this event, you can only get 2 tickets per day, for a total of 26 for the event, and you can get them from any of the mentioned dailies, the weekly Maw of Lorkhaj quest, killing and looting the roaming imperial city bosses, or killing and looting the final boss in Imperial City Prison, White-Gold Tower, or Maelstrom Arena.

    What Can I Buy With The Tickets This Event?

    And what do we have to spend those tickets on?

    This event will be the first time you can pick up the fragments for this year’s Molag Bal Illusion Imp pet, and all 3 are for sale. And the first fragment for the morphed body markings.

    You could also pick up the pieces for the new Bristleback Hunter style, and there are a couple of familiar Imperial City drops making an appearance.

    Her assistant will now have the Doomchar Plateau house fragments back in stock. This is a morph for the unstable morpholith pet, and a nice notable home.

    And the Indrik vendor has got a new set of mounts and non combat pets, including the Spectral Indriks.

    Where Are The Dailies?

    Unsure on where the dailies are?


    You can pick up the Wrothgar dailies in 2 different places.

    The Delve daily is on the coast in Morkul and the world boss daily is inside a building just outside the walls of Orsinium by the stables.

    Gold Coast

    Gold Coast dailies also have 2 places to pick up.

    The delve daily is in Anvil and the world boss daily is in Kvatch.

    Hew’s Bane

    In order to pick up the dailies in Hew’s Bane, you’ll need to finish the first zone story quest and enter the Thieves Den.

    You’ll want to speak to Spencer Rye inside the den and complete his quest to unlock the requisition board here. You can only pick up one of 4 quests per day, 2 for world bosses and 2 for Delves.

    Heists & Sacraments

    You can also complete Heists inside the Thieves Den or sacraments for the Dark Brotherhood, but you’ll need to progress their zone stories to unlock them.

    Imperial City

    And in the Imperial City, you can access the dailies by using the room full of ladders in your alliance base.

    Remember To Share Your Dailies!

    Remember that most of these dailies can be shared, so you can complete each variation of them in one day.


    There are so many things to spend those tickets on this event.

    Get out there and enjoy the new life that this event will bring to those old zones!

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