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News Tag: Skull and Bones Repair Kits

  • Skull And Bones: Why The Enhanced Repair Kit 1 Is The Best Among Repair Kits?

    Posted: Mar 29, 2024

    There’s a significant number of players interested in the optimal repair kits to use in Skull and Bones. This guide aims to address this question and provide clarity on why I believe a particular repair kit stands out as the best option currently. Let's dive in!

    How To Get The Blueprints?

    Today, we’re going to go through which repair kits are the best to use. I know a lot of people run the Royal Custodian armor, so they’ll go with Repair Kit 1, but I just want to talk about the repair kits real quick so you can get the blueprints for the repair kits. When the Carpenter stops talking, you can get the blueprints for the repair kit.

    About Repair Kits 1, 2 & 3

    The Repair Kit 1 provides a modest 6,000 health restoration and boasts a relatively short cooldown of just 20 seconds.

    The Repair Kit 2 offers a significant boost, delivering a whopping 18,000 health restoration. However, this impressive healing power comes at the cost of a longer cooldown, clocking in at a substantial 60 seconds. Essentially, Repair Kit 2 triples both the health restoration and the cooldown time compared to its predecessor, making it a formidable but slower option.

    The Repair Kit 3, which takes healing to the next level by offering a staggering 27,000 health restoration. However, this formidable healing potency is tempered by an excessively long cooldown of 90 seconds. Indeed, the cooldown period for Repair Kit 3 is undeniably lengthy, posing a considerable drawback despite its impressive healing capabilities.

    Enhanced Repair Kits

    So, if we look at the Enhanced Repair Kits, the first to talk is the Enhanced Repair Kit 1. Now restores 50% whole health, and the cooldown in that is 40 seconds. Then we can get the Enhanced Repair Kit 2, restores whole health by 70%, but the cooldown on that is 80 to 90 seconds. The huge cooldown is just for an extra 20%. And then you can get the Enhanced Repair Kit 3, which is another 20%, which is 90%, and that does 120 seconds cooldown.

    To be able to heal for 50% every 40 seconds is the best bang for your buck because you can easily, with how long ship fights last and the maneuvering and how long it takes enemy ships to actually get you on target, you can easily re-heal if needed in a sticky situation.

    Now, a lot of people run the Repair Kit 1 with Royal Custodian, but even if you are popping that Royal Custodian buff, 6K health is going to disappear real quick depending on what kind of content you’re doing. So all in all, the Enhanced Repair Kit 1 is the one that you should be using.

    How To Craft Enhanced Repair Kit 1?

    Now, if you want to craft the Enhanced Repair Kit 1, you'll need 3 Repair Kit 1 displayed at the side of the screen. After obtaining them, you can approach the Carpenter, who will craft the repair kit for you.

    Once crafted, you'll need to add the Enhanced Repair Kits to your wheel for easy access during gameplay. To do this, press the square button on the bottom left corner of the screen. If you're playing on Xbox or PC, the corresponding button may differ.

    Next, select the triangle button to enter editing mode, and navigate to Wheel. Choose the slot where you want to place your repair kit. You can customize your wheel with various items, including cosmetics like symbols, or even food if you have it in your cargo. However, for most situations in the game, the Enhanced Repair Kit 1 is your best choice.

    In that case, you can opt for the regular Repair Kit 1. I prefer the Enhanced Repair Kit 1 because its quick cooldown can save countless times during combat situations. Even though 40 seconds might seem long, in the heat of battle, it passes quickly, and the 50% healing boost it provides is invaluable.

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