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News Tag: Madden 23 Super Bowl 57

  • Madden 23: Predicting The Super Bowl 57 Winner With A Simulator

    Posted: Feb 14, 2023

    Previously, when holding Super Bowl 57, we predicted the winner of this time. Although EA Sports has made its annual forecast, there are other ways. That is, Madden 23 has a useful simulator that can be used to simulate matches. For example, 100 games between the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs. There's also a good fit at quarterback and dozens of possibilities for how the game plays out. Some are close, while others are complete blowouts. But with a lot of data, you can piece together what might have happened.

    In the 100 simulated games, the Eagles won 43, but the Chiefs won 57. In this regard, Madden said that judging from this result alone, the Chiefs have obvious advantages. And, Patrick Mahomes had a big impact on the lead during the game. For Mahomes, the most predictable is his touchdown pass, usually at least one can be thrown, and the passing yards will not be lower than 200 yards, or more. However, there was one outlier in passing yards in game 13, which was 196 yards. However, he was responsible for 3 touchdowns, which was the bright side.

    57 Victories For The Chiefs

    Kansas City has won 27 of the Chiefs' 57 victories. In the end, they won the gold medal with a lead of 10 points or more. For Patrick Mahomes, game 18 was his best. In that game, he threw four touchdown passes. What was even more shocking was that some passing yards had reached 575 yards. But, for the Chiefs, that game was barely won, as the final score was 48-45.

    With only four games going into overtime when predicting the Super Bowl outcome, that could be a good probability. In the end, the team that won all games was the Chiefs.

    43 Victories For The Eagles

    14 of the Eagles' 43 victories have come by 10 or more points. Even though the Eagles lost more games overall than the Chiefs, the Eagles won a slightly higher percentage by 10 or points. Jalen Hurts' stats aren't too surprising, so Madden doesn't think Hurts will be the most important deciding factor, unlike Mahomes. Instead, the Eagles' defense was decisive.

    However, Madden 23's simulations are just simulations. What will happen in the future, you can never predict, even with 100 games or more. For example, Last Sunday's Super Bowl, due to the influence of different fate or luck, the game may develop in a completely unexpected direction. In Super Bowl 49, Madden only predicted one winner and the actual score. When the Chiefs made Super Bowl, Madden predicted that the team had a 50 percent chance of winning.

    In Super Bowl 54, they predicted that the Chiefs would beat the San Francisco 49ers, which turned out to be correct. However, in Super Bowl 55, they made the mistake of selecting the Chiefs instead of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the game. As for the Eagles, Madden predictes the team's results and believes that the Eagles are likely to enter Super Bowl, with a probability of 50%. And in Super Bowl 39, the Eagles are not expected to win. Then, in Super Bowl 52, the Eagles were chosen by mistake and lost.

    In the end, in Super Bowl 57, Kansas City Chiefs won.

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