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News Tag: LotF Best Inferno Build

  • Lords Of The Fallen: S Tier Inferno Build - Stats, Weapons, Rings, Spells & More

    Posted: Nov 02, 2023

    Inferno magic is one of the most powerful sources of damage in Lords of the Fallen. Each Inferno Spell can deal tons of damage with the right build, with some spells feeling incredibly broken.

    If you’re looking for an all-out offensive spellcaster build based around brutal fire magic that can also destroy enemies with the best dual swords in the game, then this build is perfect for you.

    In this guide, we are breaking down one of the best Inferno builds in Lords of the Fallen, going over the best stats, weapons, rings, spells, etc.

    Best Starting Class

    The best starting class for this build is the Pyric Cultist.

    This class pretty much comes with every everything you need for the opening hours of the game. The Pyric Cultist Staff is a great starting weapon that skills actually very well with Inferno and also deals both physical and fire damage, which can be extremely useful against tough enemies.

    This class also comes with one of the best and most well-rounded Infernal Spells in the game - Infernal Orb. This spell pretty much carried me through the entire first half of the game. It barely uses any mana. And the further you upgrade your Catalyst and increase your Inferno stat, the more damage the spell will deal.

    Best Starting Weapon

    The best starting weapon for this Inferno build is the Bloodlust short sword.

    This is going to be your main weapon until you kill the Lightreaper boss to obtain the Lightreaper dual swords.

    The Bloodlust sword is easily one of the best weapons in Lords of the Fallen. It scales equally with Agility and Inferno. It has 60 bleed and burn buildup on enemies, which is great considering you’re applying two status effects at once. It’s a short sword, which means it’s a light weapon with super fast attacks.

    It can also be found very early in the game. This sword can be found in inside of the chest where you fight the Crimson Rector Percival mini boss in Fitzroy’s George.

    To use the Bloodlust short sword, keep in mind you will need at least 13 agility and 13 Inferno to wield this weapon.

    Best Early-Game Vigor Farm

    Next, I want to show you the best early-game LotF Vigor farming spot in Lords of the Fallen.

    This is going to give you a huge advantage since you can basically increase all of your primary stats very quickly over time.

    This farm is located right next to the Vestige of Blind Agatha, also known as the Ballroom Vestige. This farm is incredibly easy to do, and it doesn’t require you to fight any enemies at all. So, as soon as you spawn at the vestige, run directly past the nail headed enemy and run towards the edge of the cliff.

    Don’t worry. As soon as you run past him, he will immediately start sprinting towards you. And all you have to do is get him to fall off the cliff by dodging at the very last second. This does take some getting used to. But once you get the hang of it, you can average roughly 600 Lords of the Fallen Vigor every 20 seconds, which is 1,800 Vigor per minute, leading up to 108,000 Vigor per hour.

    I still use this farm even after dozens of hours playing when I need to upgrade weapons or purchase rings from vendors.


    The main stats to focus on for this build are Vitality and Inferno, which is going to be your main damage scaling stat.

    strength is pretty useless for this build since your weapon scale with Inferno.

    Agility should only be increased to meet weapon requirements and honestly, you only need to increase it to 13 since the Bloodlust sword and the Lightreaper swords only require 13 Agility.

    Endurance is going to affect your Stamina and Equipment Load. But since this build has a light Encumbrance, you don’t need much Endurance at all. This is because you’ll be wearing light armor and the weapons themselves are pretty light as well. If you do want to carry heavier weapons and armor, I would increase this as much as you need.

    Vitality affects your character’s HP and I would recommend increasing this to at least 30 during your playthrough.

    You don’t really need to touch Radiance at all unless you plan on using specific Radiance spells, which you don’t really need.

    Lastly, Inferno, which is the main stat on the build. This stat contributes to your weapon physical and fire attack power and it also increases the damage of your spells over time. Inferno is going to be your highest stat on the build.

    Primary Weapon

    For my primary weapon, I’m using the Lightreaper dual swords.

    In my opinion, these are the coolest looking swords in the game and they also fit perfectly on this build.

    To get these swords, you will need to defeat the Lightreaper boss. Now, you’ll run into this boss several times throughout your journey. But eventually, you will have to face him and defeat him to progress through the story.

    To be honest, this boss fight wasn’t the easiest. The Lightreaper is incredibly fast, very agile, and he can also regenerate in combat, which means you constantly have to deal damage over time. Otherwise, he’s just going to heal up.

    The best strategy I found for this boss was to play super aggressive, learn his move set, and only attack when his combos were over. Whenever the Lightreaper wasn’t in melee range, I basically nuked him with the infernal orb spell. The key is to always deal damage with this boss. You cannot afford to play slow.

    Besides, the weapons dropped by this boss are well worth the headache. I have both Lightreaper swords fully upgraded +5. Both swords have a tier scaling for Agility and Inferno. These swords deal both physical and fire damage simultaneously, making it a perfect choice for any Inferno build.

    Please note: these swords have a secret move set that you can unlock.

    I have three runes equipped for each sword: 2 Berlam runes, which increase Inferno attribute scaling, giving you more damage overall, and 1 Pertiax rune, which increases your physical damage even further.

    I have these same exact runes for each sword, giving me the most amount of damage possible.

    Also Read: 3 Best Starting Classes In Lords Of The Fallen

    Catalyst & Spells

    For the Catalyst, I’m using the Searing Accusation fully upgraded + 10.

    This is easily one of the best Inferno Catalysts in the game. It has ‘A’ tier scaling for Inferno, almost 600 Spellpower and 4 spell slots.

    *The first spell I’m using is Magma Surge. This spell summons an explosive surge of magma from beneath the ground. The reason this spell is so powerful is that it can pretty much be casted anywhere and it will always hit your target as long as you can lock on to them.

    You need at least 30 Inferno to use this spell, but it makes sense because it’s easily one of the strongest Inferno spells in the game. It offers so much burst damage. It can be casted repeatedly, and it doesn’t use much Mana at all.

    *The second spell I’m using is Infernal Orb. If you remember, this is the very first spell you unlock when you start playing as the Pyric Cultist and I wasn’t lying when I said it’s one of the most well-rounded spells in the game.

    There is a stronger version of this spell called Lava Burst. But it’s almost double the Mana, and it takes way too long to cast.

    *The third spell I’m using on the build is Adyr’s Rage. A shout sorcery which allows you to summon the rage of Adyr within yourself, increasing all of your damage types, which means your swords and spells will deal more damage.

    *The last spell on the build is Seismic Slam. This spell lets you summon an infernal hammer to strike the ground, sending forth a line of explosions.

    I have to say this spell is up there with Magma Surge for being one of the most powerful Infernal Spells. It’s also incredibly easy to chain the spell into your melee attacks as well.


    For the rings, I’m going to show you two different ring combinations. Obviously, the possibilities are endless. There’s so many different rings in this game. But these are my personal recommendations.

    The first combination here is going to favor melee over spellcasting, so we have the Princess’ Sting pendant, which allows you to deal additional damage when you have a lighter equipment load. This works extremely well for this build because we do have a light Encumbrance.

    The Mineowner’s Ring increases maximum Stamina. But most importantly, Stamina regeneration rate. This ring is a must-have for melee combat.

    Lastly, the Ring of Knight’s Fire, which increases your overall fire damage. If you want to go the spellcaster route, I would recommend using:

    • The Hysteria Pendant, which increases Spellpower;
    • The Puissance Root, which increases the power of sorceries;
    • The Anchorite’s Ring, which increases defense while casting sorceries.
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