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IGGM Elden Ring Rune

What Is The Currency In Elden Ring?

Runes are the main currency of Elden Ring. Elden Ring Runes act as the XP and purchasing currency at vendors within The Lands Between. But players will lose their Runes upon death, and a "bloodstain" is generated at the place of defeat. Returning to this place and reclaiming your runes will allow you to re-acquire them. If you perish a second time before getting there, the Runes will be lost.

How To Earn Runes In Elden Ring?

Throughout the game you will encounter all kinds of Creatures, Enemies, and Bosses who will engage into battle with you. It's mandatory to defeat some of them in order to complete the Main story of Elden Ring, while other enemies are optional and can be simply avoided. However mandatory or not, Enemies may drop useful Items from simple to powerful items for your build. But the main reward for defeating any creatures, are Runes, which are similar to the gathered Souls in the Dark Souls Games.

What Can You Do With Elden Ring Runes?

Once you gather a good amount of Runes, you can use them as currency or spend them to level up your character and increase some of your attributes of your choice for your character. Level Up is available on any Site of Grace. Runes are used to buy Elden Ring items from Merchants that players may find as the story progresses. Players will be able to buy certain Items and as well as trading a variety of goods and resources that have been gathered or are no longer needed for a certain amount of Runes. However, repeating these methods all the time is too boring for players who pursue long-term development, so many players will choose IGGM to buy Elden Ring Runes.

Is IGGM Legit For Elden Ring Runes?

Because we are a long-established professional game service provider with an excellent reputation among the mmo player community. Elden Ring Runes For Sale on any platform (PS/PS4/XBOX) is absolutely safe. And we have a 24/7 online customer service team, which can pay attention to the players' order status throughout the whole process until the smooth delivery of Runes. Therefore, your account will not be banned for buying Runes Elden Ring at

Can You Enjoy More Benefits About Elden Ring Runes At IGGM?

Of course, as the amount of your order at IGGM increases, the discount you can enjoy will also increase, with a limit of 5%. Not only that, you know, we're currently selling Elden Ring Runes for some of the lowest prices in the industry. And we will occasionally issue exclusive coupons or codes for players, which allow you to buy more Elden Ring Runes for less money. With a range of deals factored in, you can buy the cheapest Elden Ring Runes at

And our specialty doesn't stop there. Our staff is good at fulfilling most of orders within hours. You don't have to wait long to apply bought Runes to characters in Elden Ring.

Even if you are not satisfied with what we have done in one aspect, you can contact us at any time, we will find out the situation and refund you as soon as possible to ensure your excellent experience on IGGM.

How To Buy Elden Ring Runes At IGGM?

1: Determine the platform (PS/XBOX/PC) and purchase quantity;

2: Click “Buy Now”, or “Add to Cart”;

3: Fill in the personal information correctly, select the payment method;

4: Payment is over, waiting for delivery.

If you're buying Elden Ring Runes for the first time, you might get confused because some of the steps aren't clear, but at IGGM, you don't have to worry about that happening. The concise and transparent transaction process will save You will have a lot of unnecessary trouble, and every staff member of IGGM will try their best to help you and give you a good buying experience.

Alright, now get into the game and start using your Elden Ring Runes. In the follow-up, if you have any questions in the game or do not know how to solve the difficulties, or want to buy Elden Ring Runes or other game products again, you can contact IGGM. The best service, the most comprehensive guide, the lowest price, always open to all those who love game. All in all, is definitely the best place to get Elden Ring Runes. We sincerely look forward to every Elden Ring player coming! Best wishes to you all!



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Elden Ring: Choose The Best New Curved Swords In Shadow Of The Erdtree For Yourself! - Location & Usage

Elden Ring: Choose The Best New Curved Swords In Shadow Of The Erdtree For Yourself! - Location & Usage

Curved Swords have always been a staple in Elden Ring, and since the early days of the game, there have been countless players who have liked this weapon. Curved Swords are often linked to Dexterity and are often proportional, making them ideal for use when you are using Bleed builds and swift attacks.

Shadow of the Erdtree DLC successfully continues this tradition, and also adds some new weapons to Tarnished’s arsenal, allowing players to better choose different weapons according to different combat situations.

This guide will introduce you to some very useful Curved Swords in Shadow of the Erdtree, and you can choose Curved Swords you want in battle at your discretion.

Dancing Blade Of Ranah

Dancing Blade of Ranah is one of the best Curved Swords in Shadow of the Erdtree, as it scales with your Dexterity. If you want to rely on this attribute to play in the DLC, then Dancing Blade Of Ranah will be a good choice.

You can get this powerful weapon by killing Dancer of Ranah in Southern Nameless Mausoleum. But it should be noted that Dancing Blade Of Ranah cannot be enhanced or infused with Ashes of War, and can only be upgraded with Somber Smithing Stones.

When you use Dancing Blade Of Ranah, you can actually feel it from the name. Its skill - Unending Dance allows you to initiate a dance-like action and swing the blade while bouncing. When you are surrounded by enemies, you can use it to protect yourself from being approached by enemies.

Spirit Sword

Spirit Sword is also a new Curved Sword in Shadow of the Erdtree. It looks more powerful than the regular Curved Sword, and in addition to Dexterity, it is also related to Intelligence and even Strength. It has multiple uses and is very cost-effective!

In addition, this sword is said to be a medium for communicating with spirits, so in addition to Physical Damage, it can also cause considerable Magic Damage. When you switch from an enemy that cannot resist physical damage to an enemy that is vulnerable to magic damage, you don’t need to change weapons, just use Spirit Sword.

Spirit Sword can be found in Cerulean Coast, specifically between Cerulean Coast West and Cerulean Coast Site of Grace. If you see several half-people areas during your exploration, then you are not wrong, which means you are not far from the location of the Spirit Sword.

Like the other Curved Swords in this guide, the Spirit Sword cannot be enhanced or infused with Ashes of War, and can only be upgraded with Somber Smithing Stones.


Falx is also mainly adjusted by Strength and Dexterity. It is a pair of Curved Swords that can be used in both hands at the same time. When Hornsent invades Rauh Ancient Ruins Site of Grace, you need to defeat it and you will pick up Falx from its corpse.

If you like dual-wielding the scimitars of Warrior profession in the DLC and want to try different weapons, then Falx can perfectly match your requirements. Although Falx does not cause Elemental Damage to the enemy, its Physical Damage of up to 107 can make the enemy unable to parry.

Its special skill, Revenger’s Blade, allows you to sprint forward a long distance and slash the enemy in the shape of an X. In addition, Falx paired Curved Swords has a passive effect that allows the enemy to accumulate bleeding unconsciously, which is very timesaving and labor-saving. Similarly, it cannot be enhanced.

Horned Warrior’s Sword

Horned Warrior’s Sword also adjusts its damage primarily through Strength and Dexterity, followed by Faith, and is one of the most complete Curved Swords in Shadow of the Erdtree.

This weapon is usually found in the hands of Horned Warriors in the Lands of Shadow. You can choose to kill Horned Warrior in Belurat Tower Settlement swamp to obtain this weapon, or directly obtain it from any Horned Warrior who can wield this weapon. It doesn’t hurt.

Like other Curved Swords, it cannot be enhanced or infused with Ashes of War. However, since this is a paired weapon and is also the most powerful part of the build, you only need to find one to get a pair of Horned Warrior’s Swords.

Its skill is also very special. When you use Horn Calling, you will drive the sword into the ground and summon a very powerful and piercing horn in front of the enemy, which is very suitable for temporarily incapacitating enemies when they get too close.

Horned Warrior’s Greatsword

Speaking of some very powerful Curved Greatswords, we have to mention Horned Warrior’s Greatsword, which is much larger and heavier than the regular non-Greatsword version. This means that you need more Strength to pick it up, especially when using it one-handed.

Compared to similar weapons, Horned Warrior’s Greatsword does not require farming, and only requires you to defeat Wind-Aspected Horned Warrior at the end of Enir Ilim. Although you can take it to the exchange to exchange for 200 Elden Ring Runes, it is better to keep it.

Because not only does it have powerful special skills, especially when used with special amulets such as Millicent’s Prosthesis, it can unleash a lot of damage and even destroy the most powerful enemies, but it also scales equally with Strength, Dexterity, and Faith, making you a very balanced state.

Freyja’s Greatsword

The last one comes up, but it is definitely not the least important. Freyja’s Greatsword is mainly related to Strength, and secondarily to Dexterity. You will encounter Redmane Freya carrying it many times when exploring Lands of Shadow, but to obtain it, you need to defeat Freyja directly in Enir Ilim.

Freyja’s Greatsword weighs 14 and requires your Strength attribute to reach 25, but its Physical Damage is as high as 146, which is very suitable for players who like Strength builds. They usually want to have a heavy weapon with good attributes and a weapon with 360-degree coverage. Freyja’s Greatsword will meet all their requirements.

Have you chosen your favorite Curved Swords? If you have already chosen, then enter Shadow of the Erdtree DLC and start your exploration!

Elden Ring: The Base Game Build On The Overwhelming Power Of Shadows Of the Erdtree - Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike

Elden Ring: The Base Game Build On The Overwhelming Power Of Shadows Of the Erdtree - Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike

There are a lot of new fun and powerful builds in Shadow of the Erdtree that come with excitement, especially when facing some extremely tough challenges, such as boss difficulties. As you know, they are not completely new content in DLC, they are still at least as powerful as before.

Today we will talk about a build from the base game, which completely destroys DLC. These will be something you can at least build up before stepping into Shadow of the Erdtree, and then feel as powerful as possible from that position.

Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike

Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike, which is pretty much the most powerful thing in Elden Ring base game, it requires a one-charge spell to be cast somewhere near the boss, and as long as the setup is correct, the boss will be defeated.

If you want to RNG multiple lightning strikes on them, it sometimes takes a couple of tries, there’s no real trick to it, just get it to line up, this isn’t really different in Shadow of the Erdtree, bosses have more health,but there are ways to increase this damage further in Shadow of the Erdtree Blessing Level system. Just because of DLC itself, it might take an extra cast, just to show how strong it is.

Optimize Spell Damage

This is largely just the base game version of the build, with only minor upgrades. You want the spell itself, you ideally want two Gravel Stone Seals, one in each hand, as they enhance Dragon Cult Incantation Spells by 15%, and this stacks, but you usually only get one of these per play, maybe try using Elden Ring Items in exchange for a second Gravel Stone Seal if you want to stack damage quickly.

Another alternative offhand is the dagger with Endurance Weapon skill, so you can actually cast spells more consistently as well. On top of that, you also need to put a Light Straight Sword in your actual offhand, just to actually put seppuku on. Because we’re going to use this to trigger White Mask and Lord of Blood, increasing all damage we deal by 30% for 20 seconds after doing this.

When And How To Spellcasting?

You only need to use this before starting a boss fight, because if the fight ends with no spells in 20 seconds, then, you’ll still be glad you had it in the first 20 seconds because the boss is probably almost dead, after that, you can use Godfrey Icon Talisman, for 15% increased charged spell damage, or Lightning Scorpion Charm, for 12% increased lightning damage. Then Flock’s Canvas Talisman, for 8% increased spell damage. Of course, you also have the lightning damage boost in your flask.

You can even use it with an upgraded Boosts Poise or Ironjar Aromatic. The damage will be high. So much so that the guaranteed casting itself has an enormous benefit to general stats. For this, you mainly just need to reach 80 Faith, otherwise you need the stamina to get some heavier armor.

This is the version built from the base game, and it completely smashes Shadow of the Erdtree from start to finish. The vast majority of his powers also appear before you touch Madding Hand and enter the realm, and while his basics haven’t changed since the release of DLC, they’re actually getting better with every new addition to the game, so you can even improve them on your journey through DLC.

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