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WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold

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  • WOW Cataclysm Classic US
  • WOW Cataclysm Classic EU
All A B E F G M O P R S W Y
  • Angerforge CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Angerforge CATA [US]-Horde

  • Arugal CATA [OCE]-Alliance

  • Arugal CATA [OCE]-Horde

  • Ashkandi CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Ashkandi CATA [US]-Horde

  • Atiesh CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Atiesh CATA [US]-Horde

  • Azuresong CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Azuresong CATA [US]-Horde

  • Benediction CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Benediction CATA [US]-Horde

  • Bloodsail Buccaneers CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Bloodsail Buccaneers CATA [US]-Horde

  • Earthfury CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Earthfury CATA [US]-Horde

  • Eranikus CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Eranikus CATA [US]-Horde

  • Faerlina CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Faerlina CATA [US]-Horde

  • Grobbulus CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Grobbulus CATA [US]-Horde

  • Maladath CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Maladath CATA [US]-Horde

  • Mankrik CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Mankrik CATA [US]-Horde

  • Myzrael CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Myzrael CATA [US]-Horde

  • Old Blanchy CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Old Blanchy CATA [US]-Horde

  • Pagle CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Pagle CATA [US]-Horde

  • Remulos CATA [OCE]-Alliance

  • Remulos CATA [OCE]-Horde

  • Skyfury CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Skyfury CATA [US]-Horde

  • Sulfuras CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Sulfuras CATA [US]-Horde

  • Westfall CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Westfall CATA [US]-Horde

  • Whitemane CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Whitemane CATA [US]-Horde

  • Windseeker CATA [US]-Alliance

  • Windseeker CATA [US]-Horde

  • Yojamba CATA [OCE]-Alliance

  • Yojamba CATA [OCE]-Horde

All A E F G H J L M N P R S T V П Х
  • Amnennar CATA [FR]-Alliance

  • Amnennar CATA [FR]-Horde

  • Ashbringer CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Ashbringer CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Auberdine CATA [FR]-Alliance

  • Auberdine CATA [FR]-Horde

  • Earthshaker CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Earthshaker CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Everlook CATA [DE]-Alliance

  • Everlook CATA [DE]-Horde

  • Firemaw CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Firemaw CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Gehennas CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Gehennas CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Giantstalker CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Giantstalker CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Golemagg CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Golemagg CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Hydraxian Waterlords CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Hydraxian Waterlords CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Jin'do CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Jin'do CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Lakeshire CATA [DE]-Alliance

  • Lakeshire CATA [DE]-Horde

  • Mandokir CATA [ES]-Alliance

  • Mandokir CATA [ES]-Horde

  • Mirage Raceway CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Mirage Raceway CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Mograine CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Mograine CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Nethergarde Keep CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Nethergarde Keep CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Patchwerk CATA [DE]-Alliance

  • Patchwerk CATA [DE]-Horde

  • Pyrewood Village CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Pyrewood Village CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Razorfen CATA [DE]-Alliance

  • Razorfen CATA [DE]-Horde

  • Sulfuron CATA [FR]-Alliance

  • Sulfuron CATA [FR]-Horde

  • Thekal CATA [EU]-Alliance

  • Thekal CATA [EU]-Horde

  • Transcendence CATA [DE]-Alliance

  • Transcendence CATA [DE]-Horde

  • Venoxis CATA [DE]-Alliance

  • Venoxis CATA [DE]-Horde

  • Пламегор CATA [Flamegor]-Alliance

  • Пламегор CATA [Flamegor]-Horde

  • Хроми CATA [Chromie]-Alliance

  • Хроми CATA [Chromie]-Horde

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IGGM Cataclysm Classic Gold Angerforge CATA [US]-Alliance 5000G

WOW Cataclysm Classic Release Note

  • Pre-Expansion Patch Date: April 30
  • Official Release Date: May 20
  • New Player Races: Goblin and Worgen
  • New Race and Class Combinations
  • Class Updates: New Talents, Trees, spells and More
  • New Profession: Archeology
  • New Feature: Transmog Collection
  • 7 New Zones: Mount Hyjal, Vash’jir, Twilight Highlands, Uldum, Deepholm, Kezan, and Gilneas.
  • 9 New Dungeons: Blackrock Caverns, Throne of the Tides, Vortex Pinnacle, The Stonecore, The Lost City of Tol’vir, The Halls of Origination, Grim Batol, Deadmines, Shadowfang Keep
  • Dungeon Journal Introduced
  • 3 New Raid Dungeons: Throne of the Four Winds, Blackwing Descent, and Bastion of Twilight
  • Boss Based Raid Lock system: Allowing players to do either the 10 or 25-player raid version of each boss in the same week. Lockouts are based on individual boss.
  • Tol Barad PvP Zone
  • Darkmoon Island: Discover the mysteries Silas Darkmoon has in store for you.
  • Flying in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor

WOW Cataclysm Classic, a highly anticipated update to the iconic MMORPG. This release brings back the classic gameplay experience that players have come to love, while also introducing new features and improvements.

With Cataclysm Classic, players can expect to explore the reimagined Azeroth, complete with revamped zones, new quests, and challenging dungeons. In addition, the release includes updated graphics and performance enhancements to provide a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience.

Whether you are a returning player or new to the world of Azeroth, Cataclysm Classic offers an exciting opportunity to relive the adventure and excitement of the original game.

What do Gold do in WoW Cataclysm Classic?

In World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic, gold is the primary in-game currency, which can be used to buy necessary items, equipment, services, consumables and mounts. Additionally, you can use Cataclysm WoW gold to train new abilities and professions, as well as to repair gear and purchase reagents.

You need to know managing and accumulating Cataclysm gold efficiently is crucial for you to thrive in the game world and engage in various activities such as raiding, PvP, and crafting.

Overall, WoW Classic Cata gold play a significant role in your gameplay experience, impacting various aspects of a journey through Azeroth.

Common Ways To Farm WoW Cataclysm Gold

  • Questing & Leveling: Complete quests for WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold, items, and experience.
  • Gathering Professions: Collect resources like Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning to sell.
  • Crafting Professions: Create valuable items with Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, etc.
  • Farming: Find lucrative spots to grind for loot from mobs and areas.
  • Auction House: Buy low, sell high by monitoring market demands.
  • Daily Quests: Complete daily quests for Classic Cataclysm Gold and other rewards.
  • Dungeons & Raids: Obtain valuable gear and items for sale.
  • Fishing & Cooking: Sell fish and cooked food with buffs.
  • Gathering Rare Items: Hunt for rare items or materials to sell.
  • Trading: Engage in trading and bartering with other players for profit.

Please note, it may take so much time and effort to farm enough WoW Cataclysm gold. These methods obviously won’t work immediately when you need a lot of Cataclysm gold urgently. Therefore, choosing a reliable third-party platform like to help yourselves is undoubtedly a good choice.

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WOW Cataclysm Classic: You’ll Need These Best New Recipes As An Illustrious Cook

WOW Cataclysm Classic: You’ll Need These Best New Recipes As An Illustrious Cook

Cataclysm expansion has torn Azeroth apart once again, and with the release of the new World of Warcraft expansion comes a new level cap of 85 for characters, as well as professions like Fishing, First Aid, and Cooking.

Illustrious Grand Master in the latest version starts at level 425, the highest level in Wrath expansion, capping at 525. This also means a whole new set of daily cooking quests and new recipes to use.

For players who want to have a taste for fine cooking, there are over 30 new recipes to learn in Cataclysm, even if you don’t have the skill and the buffs. However, these Chef’s Awards take a lot of time to accumulate, so you’ll need to prioritize your recipes. This guide will introduce you to some of the most useful Illustrious Grand Master cooks as you explore the new areas.

Knowing About Recipes

Each major city, such as Dalaran and Shattrath, a neutral city, will have a Cooking trainer who will teach you Illustrious Cooking Mastery. Once you visit the trainer and gain Illustrious Cooking Mastery skill, you can craft new Cataclysm recipes.

Each major city will have 5 different Daily Quests for both factions, and completing all of them will earn your Achievements. These are things you can learn from your trainer, or you can earn from vendors using Chef’s Awards. Other rare and magical recipes can be earned by honing your reputation with WoW Cataclysm Classic Gold.

For those new to these events, it can be a question of which areas are more likely to find what Cooking materials. Hyjal and Vash’jr are the first places players visit, so you’ll want to make sure you have your fishing gear fully stocked before you start exploring.

The following recipes all cost 3 Chef’s Awards, and while Cooking materials may be item level 80 or higher, the recipes have no level requirements. As long as you don’t mind taking a few risks when gathering materials, they’ll increase Cooking from 425 to 525 without having to go past level 80.

The good news is that even if you have unlocked no quests or flight paths, you can still explore new areas and go fishing or hunting.

Illustrious Cooking At 450

This is probably the easiest recipe for low-level Chefs to get started with, as long as you’re at level 450. You can use the buffs from these foods for grinding, PVE, and non-Heroic dungeons. Don’t forget to invest in some Imported Supplies for those hard-to-find materials.

Feathered Lure

This material is quite interesting and doesn’t really deserve to be a recipe, but since Fishing and Cooking are related in some ways, it makes sense to include it here. This item will help level up both classes.

  • Regents: Delicate Wing
  • Buffs: +100 Fishing skill for 10 minutes
  • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking

Broiled Mountain Trout

This recipe’s enhanced Stamina and Haste is useful for any class, especially Rogues, DPS Warriors, Pally tanks, and Warlocks.

  • Regents: Mountain Trout
  • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Haste rating for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking

Whitecrest Gumbo

Priests, Shamans, and Druids will benefit the most from this recipe, especially those who need to fight in close combat frequently.

  • Regents: Blood Shrimp
  • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Spirit for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking

Lightly Fried Lurker

Critical Strike provides now also applies to spell-casting, so this recipe is very effective for any DPS class.

  • Regents: Striped Lurker
  • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Plus Critical Strike Rating for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 450 Cooking

Illustrious Cooking From 475 To 500

After exploring some of the new areas of Azeroth, players will gain valuable experience in the best places to farm regeants, which means more advanced recipes can be explored.

Pickled Guppy

This recipe can be said to be tailored for Shamans, Warlocks, and Paladins. After using this recipe, you will gain a greater advantage in battle.

  • Regents: Highland Guppy
  • Buffs: +60 Stamina and Intellect for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 475 Cooking

Hearty Seafood Soup

The best recipe for Warriors, Paladins, and any type of tank class is here. You can get extra health and damage from it, greatly increasing your tankiness.

  • Regents: Blood Shrimp
  • Buffs: +90 Stamina and Strength for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 475 Cooking

Scalding Murglesnout

This recipe will restore both health and mana, and will not cancel any recipe buffs your character already has, which means you can stack them, which is very useful!

  • Regents: Deepsea Sagefish
  • Buffs: Not Applicable
  • How To Unlock: Reach 500 Cooking

Delicious Sagefish Tail

This recipe is perfect for casters who need extra health and will greatly increase their survivability.

  • Regents: Deepsea Sagefish
  • Buffs: +90 Stamina and Spirit for 1 hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach 500 Cooking

Illustrious Cooking From 505 To 525

When you reach levels 505 to 525, congratulations! You can cook some high level Feasts for raids and dungeon parties, as well as make some snacks and desserts.

Chocolate Cookie

This recipe requires you to unlock the achievement “You’ll Feel Right As Rain.”

  • Regeants: Simple flour and cocoa beans
  • Buffs: Description says, “Makes you feel a little better.”
  • How To Unlock: Reach 505 Cooking

South Island Ice Tea

This happy hour cocktail is also meant to help you regenerate mana faster, but you need to use it with discretion.

  • Regeants: Tropical sunfruit and refreshing spring water
  • Buffs: Gets your tipsy and restores mana
  • How To Unlock: Reach 525 Cooking

Seafood Magnifique Feast

This recipe is mainly for feeding and buffing the entire raiding party, and is also closely related to guild membership.

  • Regeants: Highland Guppy, Lavascale Catfish and Fathom Eel
  • Buffs: +90 Stamina and other essentials for one hour
  • How To Unlock: Reach Level 525 and earn guild reputation to get this recipe from the seller.

I hope this guide helped you with crafting recipes, and I wish you happy exploration of the game, and we'll see you in Azeroth!

WOW Cataclysm Classic: Follow These Combat Tips To Easily Beat Halls Of Origination!

WOW Cataclysm Classic: Follow These Combat Tips To Easily Beat Halls Of Origination!

Halls of Origination is one of the most popular dungeons in WOW Cataclysm Classic, not only because it has a vast and complex environment for players to explore, but also because of the seven uniquely challenging bosses and the rich loot in the dungeon. Although four of them are technically optional, the items they can drop are definitely worth your pursuit.

Halls of Origination is a final dungeon unlocked at level 84, and it provides a fair challenge for players on their journey.

The dungeon is located in Uldum, almost directly north of Vortex Pinnacle. Most players will encounter it during quests, especially during Harrison Jones questline.

Boss Encounter Guide

Next, let’s talk about the seven bosses you will encounter in Halls of Origination and how to defeat them.

Temple Guardian Anhuur

The first one you will face is Temple Guardian Anhuur. Luckily, this is also the easiest boss you’ll face in the dungeon.

Burning Light is an area attack that players must avoid. At the same time, Anhuur applies Divine Reckoning to random players. This deals significant damage to the player and heals the boss for 5 times as much damage. Therefore, it’s crucial to dispel Reckoning before it expires.

Other key abilities to watch out for are Shield of Light and Reverberating Hymn. Once health reaches 66% and 33%, Anhuur will gain a full absorb shield and begin channeling.

Two players will need to head to opposite sides of the room to activate the lever. It’s important to avoid angering Pit Vipers, as it will prevent the other player from using the lever. Then you’ll just have to cycle through the stages before defeating the boss.

Earthrager Ptah

Another easy boss fight in the dungeon is Earthrager Ptah, thanks to the simplicity of its mechanics and relatively easy damage and aggro checks.

Raging Smash is the main damage effect to watch out for, as it deals massive damage to the tank and two other players in melee range.

When health drops to 50%, the boss will despawn and summon adds. Tanks should quickly kill these mobs and burn them down with DPS.

Once the adds are dead, Ptah will reappear. During this time, continue to watch out for and avoid Tornado and other environmental hazards. Players will defeat the boss easily by simply continuing to deal as much damage as possible while avoiding Melee Cleave.


Anraphet is one of the three bosses we will encounter in Halls of Origination. Its key skill is Alpha Beams, which targets random players and deals damage in a 5-yard radius around them.

As a damage-dealing skill, they can be a little difficult to avoid, but once you learn the cast time, this shouldn’t be a big problem.

Additionally, Tanks and Healers need to be careful with Nemesis Strike, which deals Shadow damage every two seconds for ten seconds. Quickly dispel it to keep the tank’s health level up.

In addition, the entire team will be hit by Omega Stance, which will deal a lot of damage and slow the team by 50%. Fortunately, healing can negate the slowing effect as much as possible. Therefore, it is very important to spend some WOW Cataclysm Classic Gold to prepare Healing Potions before entering the dungeon!

The biggest attack to watch out for in this fight is Crumbling Ruin. This skill reduces the team’s health by 10%, which can be stacked up to ten times. Once hit by this attack, the entire team is doomed. The victory of the entire battle ultimately depends on whether the team can output enough damage to end the battle before the boss.

Isiset, Construct Of Magic

Isiset is arguably the most difficult of the four optional bosses to defeat.

The first spell you need to pay attention to is Supernova. When the boss casts the spell, all members of the team must turn around before it ends to avoid getting lost.

Astral Rain is an important AoE spell, and healers must stay ahead of it because of its enormous area of ​​effect. Additionally, you’ll need to coordinate with your companions and quickly dispatch Celestial Familiars to keep the boss’ damage under control.

At 66% health and 33% health left, Isiset will split into several Familiars. Note that all of these are tied to specific abilities, so while the boss can no longer cast Familiars, other abilities will be enhanced.

Ammunae, Construct Of Life

To defeat Ammunae, a DPS character will need to keep an eye on Seedling Pods, which will appear periodically throughout the fight. You’ll need to kill them quickly to prevent them from unleashing stacking heals on the boss, which will make it very difficult to kill it.

These Pods can also turn into Bloodpetal Blossoms, which deal impressive damage. If the boss manages to spawn some, kill them quickly.

Setesh, Construct Of Destruction

Setesh has several powerful abilities that can quickly wipe out the entire party if not handled correctly.

Chaos Bolts will target random players instead of melee attacks. There is little you can do to mitigate this damage, so healers need to be aware of who is getting hit.

The main thing to do in this fight is to be aware of where Setesh is summoning portals. These portals will quickly start summoning adds, which can become a big problem, so it’s your job as a DPS to destroy the portals as quickly as possible.

These Seeds of Chaos on the floor are also not to be underestimated. You can stand near them and wait for them to explode. While you will take some damage, it will increase your damage by a large amount for 15 seconds, making it well worth the effort.

Rajh, Construct Of Sun

Rajh will be the most interesting fight you will encounter in Halls of Origination dungeon. Rajh starts with 100 energy, which he uses to cast his abilities. Be aware that once his energy is completely depleted, he will head to the center of the room to recharge and cast a huge AoE that is difficult for players to survive.

To avoid this, players need to try to keep his energy meter up by interrupting as many of his ability casts as possible. Both Inferno Leap and Summon Sun Orb can be interrupted, so you should take advantage of every possible opportunity.

The above are the 7 bosses you need to face in Halls of Origination. With these tips, you will easily pass the dungeon and get rich loot!

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