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News Tag: FFXIV Ishgard Empyreum

  • Everything about Final Fantasy XIV Ishgard Empyreum housing district

    Posted: Apr 01, 2022

    Final Fantasy XIV will have Ishgard Empyreum housing with update 6.1 and a lottery system to get homes, Square Enix looks back at some things one can expect. Besides looking at the wards and appearance of the new area, which also confirms the price reduction system removed from the game, here explains how players will get houses in the future.

    First, FFXIV Ishgard Empyreum district will look like the district. Therefore, players' houses will fit the motif of the location. People who have completed the Litany of Peace scenario quest and Ascending to Empyreum side quest can travel to this area. Once there , they will find 24 main wards and 24 subdivision wards. This means there will be 48 wards in total.

    Next, FFXIV housing lottery system will ask people to enter lottery lots for a chance to get them. So players had better prepare enough FFXIV to get houses. It marked every piece of land to let you know if a private geter or a free company can get it. If you are a private geter, you need to be a second lieutenant in the Grand Company and have a 50-level class. Free Companies require at least four members, a representative who has been around for at least 30 days and is available to make purchases, and is ranked 6th. Home World Transfers may hinder lottery periods. And players who have moved cannot take part, nor will they receive confirmation of a win or refund from any entry they submitted prior to the move.

    Last, each FFXIV housing lottery will last approximately 9 days, but it will change with regular maintenance. You can pay a deposit on a piece of land to enter the lottery within the first five real-time days. Those who relocated received about 15 percent of the value of the old plot. If people don't arrive at the plot within four days, they get their 50% deposit back but don't get the land. Those who lose can get their entire deposit back. Finally, there will be no further land price cuts. After 6.1, the land value will always remain the same. Until then, they end up costing less.

    Final Fantasy XIV 6.1 update will be released in mid-April 2022. If you want to do a little more preparation before then, you can get cheap FFXIV Gil and free guides on this site. IGGM will continue to bring you the latest news.

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