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News Tag: Dragonflight pre patch

  • WotLK Classic: A Major Update In Dragonflight Pre-Patch Overlooked By Many Players

    Posted: Oct 26, 2022

    Just yesterday, the Dragonflight pre-patch went live on all servers. Developer Blizzard Entertainment has introduced a number of important game features and system changes in this update. One of these updates is very important, but most players don't notice it.

    That is, in this Dragonflight pre-patch, the upper limit of a player's WoW account for hosting roles at one time has reached 60. This means that 60 roles can exist on one server at the same time. However, in previous Shadowlands expansions, players' WoW accounts could only host 50 characters at a time. So now the total number of hosting can be said to have created a new high in the history of the game.

    This update was originally spotted by Wowhead. They also made their own guesses about the reason for this change. The first reason is that since the Dracthyr race and Evoker class was introduced in the current pre-patch, the developers wanted to make it easier for players to create new characters with this change. The second reason is that since the developers currently have the Mage, Priest & Rogue classes open to all races, they want to encourage players to create more characters with exciting new combos.

    If you've always wanted to play as a Tauren Mage or an Orc Priest, with this pre-patch you can make it happen. Because this time, in addition to opening three classes for all races, the developers will also introduce eight new race and class combinations with this new change.

    Are you also one of the players who ignored this major update? If you find our news helpful, you can go to our website We will provide free news and guides about WotLK Classic here. At the same time, you can also buy cheap WOTLK Classic Gold here. If you happen to have such needs, you can also come to IGGM.

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