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News Tag: Diablo 4 Tips

  • Diablo 4 Season 4: Know These 8 Things To Improve Your Combat Effectiveness

    Posted: May 27, 2024

    These 8 tips are useful, especially for newer players, but perhaps even Veterans of the game will find them valuable too.

    Before entering Diablo 4 Season 4, if you have enough Diablo 4 Items in your inventory, they will help increase your likelihood of defeating your enemies.

    Let’s jump right into it.

    1. Auto-cast Abilities

    In case you wonder: Auto casting skills do not require any macro, special mouse or external software. You can turn on auto-cast by simply using your keyboard.

    And here is how: First, go to “options”, then “controls” window.

    Assign the secondary button of a skill you want to auto-cast to one of the numeric keypad buttons. Those are the 1 to 9 buttons on the right side of your keyboard.

    Next, with the “Num Lock” function turned on, Hold the assigned numeric key and press “Num Lock” button to turn off the functionality. And there you go.

    Your character will now auto-cast the ability whenever it’s ready!

    To disable auto-casting, simply turn on “Num Lock” and press the skill button again.

    2. Seasonal Journey Rewards

    The seasonal journey rewards are account-wide, while Iron Wolf’s rewards are character-based. So when you level your first character, you may be wondering which seasonal rewards to pick up and which ones to leave for later, or perhaps for your alts.

    You certainly want to pick up all Iron Wolf’s rewards as soon as you unlock them. Each character can level and pick up their own rewards from that vendor. The level of rewards from Iron Wolf’s also seem to be tied to the level you had when you unlocked them, not when you opened the box.

    So there’s basically no point in holding back. It’s a bit more tricky when it comes to seasonal journey rewards since they are account wide. This means that if you picked a couple of seasonal chapter rewards for your first character, but let’s say then decided to switch a class, you won’t have seasonal journey rewards available on that new character.

    It’s not a big deal. Besides the potential cool Legendaries, and Uniques that could drop from rewards caches. Luckily, though, the drops are very generous in Season 4, so don’t lose sleep over that.

    3. Use Favorite Function

    The third tip I have for you: use “favorite” functionality. In case you didn’t know, you can mark aspects and items as favorite. When you mark aspect as favorite, it will show up first when you are selecting legendary power from Codex of power. This is a big quality of life thing for overtime. You will replace legendary powers Time and time again.

    And here’s how I like using this feature for aspects: When I start a new character and get an idea for a skill or build that I want to use, I go to the “collection” section on the pause menu. It’s the only place where you can actually mark aspects as favorites.

    By the way, the marking is done with a space bar on the PC. Then I go through all the available aspects and mark those that seem applicable to my build.

    It is a bit of a pre-work, but makes your life so much easier in the long run. So you don’t have to search for a specific legendary power. Every single time you want to switch an item, which is a pain in the ass. Now let’s talk about pieces of gear. You can also mark them as favorite to avoid accidentally selling good items to a vendor or stopping you from mass salvaging items at Blacksmith.

    To mark a piece of gear, hover over the item and press the button assigned to mark items as junk twice!

    The first press marks an item as junk, while the second press marks it as favorite. On PC, that’s again a “space bar”. Personally, I like marking all my current equipment as favorite to prevent losing accidentally an item while I am trying out different pieces of gear.

    4. Craft Seasonal Potions

    You can craft seasonal potions with Obols. If you haven’t used seasonal potions yet, make sure to give them a try! Holy Bolt is a particularly strong potion to use as it turns you into a permanent artillery machine.

    Obols are currency that you normally used to gamble for items. You get Obols from Helltides chests. And considering you will probably spam Helltides all the damn time, you will quickly accumulate a lot of Obols. Once you get a decent set, it’s a good time to spend some Obols on potion crafting. Beware, though, that the cost is quite high with 350 Obols per potion. But I would still suggest that you use Holy Bolts despite the high cost.

    The power gain justifies the cost as they provide a massive boost to your damage, especially when playing Minion Necromancer.

    5. Aspects’ Icons On Items

    The next tip I got for you is to pay attention to symbols on the items at Blacksmith. So you get inventory full of legendary items. How do you know easily which ones to sell and which to salvage? Go to Blacksmith and salvage the items with the white icon on them.

    This icon means that the legendary power on this piece of gear is either not unlocked in your Codex of Power, or the value of legendary power on the item is higher than the one you have unlocked in Codex of Power.

    So whichever is the case, you definitely want to salvage this item unless you want to use it. There is also another red-ish icon, which means that salvaging this item unlocks a new cosmetic look. These icons, unfortunately, were not visible so easily when opening inventory, without going to an NPC like Blacksmith or vendor.

    To see them in your inventory. Without going to NPC, you have to hover over an item and look for an icon with a text explanation at the bottom of the item description. This can be unfortunately easy to miss, especially when you have to compare function turned on.

    This way, the item description often does not fit into the screen and requires you to scroll down to see the icon. It’s kind of annoying and I hope they will change it in the future.

    6. Enchanting Affixes Preview

    You can check possible Affixes when enchanting an item. So you get a nice piece of gear but want to change one affix on it. You go to Occultist and enchant that statistic, but how do you know whether you should keep that new Affix or perhaps roll further?

    Here’s where the icon located at the top-right corner of Enchanting Window comes to the rescue. It shows the list of all possible Affixes to be rolled and also their ranges! You can actually also access this information on consoles. To do that, simply press “triangle” or “Y” button at the Enchanting window.

    7. Farm Blood Maiden

    Spam Blood Maiden in Helltides for great XP and loot! Helltides has been an awesome place to both level up and get great loot in the process. I strongly recommend you to check out this place Located in every Helltide invaded area, which has an Altar with three pillars. Pillars can be activated by inserting Baneful Hearts, which are dropped across Helltides.

    By the way, you keep Baneful Hearts after Helltide finishes while all unused Cinders are lost after the current Helltide event ends. When all three pillars are activated, waves of enemies will spawn in that location.

    And when enough demons are defeated, the boss will spawn the Blood Maiden.

    She can be a tough enemy who has three main mechanics: First, she spawns disciples who are tougher Elites mobs. You definitely want to deal with them fast so you don’t get overwhelmed later on.

    She also casts fire rings around random players. When you get one on you, move away from the boss and other players to avoid killing everyone.

    And lastly, she will create an expanding circle, dealing with quite high damage. Just simply dodge it. When defeated, Maiden will drop a lot of items with some legendries plus crafting materials. And players who contributed more Baneful Hearts to activate pillars may get more loot. So don’t be a cheap bastard.

    8. Use Profane Mindcages

    Speaking about Helltides, use Profane Minds to boost experience and cinders. Have you noticed Profane Minds in your second inventory tab?

    This item increases the level of enemies in Helltide by 10, for 60 minutes! As far as I know, ten levels above yours is the cap for bonus experience in Diablo 4, so the boost works great.

    Using Profane Minds is a great way to level up faster and get tons of cinders in the process. Don’t be too stingy with them as you will drop Profane Minds in Helltides, anyway.

    And here are a few things to consider: First, the boost lasts 60 minutes, so activate it when you are planning to have a bit longer session.

    Next, dying with Profane Mind actively disables the boost, so use it when the current Helltide enemies are not posing too much threat. And enemies level is capped to 50 in World Tier 1 and 2. So it does not make sense to activate this boost if you are in that Tier while being above level 40.

    These are my gaming experiences, I hope they are useful to you.

  • Diablo 4: These Essential Attention You Should Not Miss When You Play

    Posted: May 24, 2024

    Hello everyone, today I want to introduce to you 10 details that you cannot miss in Diablo 4 Season 4.

    Whether it is for old players or new players, it is a very friendly gaming experience.

    In fact, if you top up Diablo 4 Gold heavily, those enemies will no longer be your match.

    1. Helltides

    Helltides have been reworked. So they have significantly higher monster density. They also start all the way at World Tier 1. So because of this you can do them literally from the start of the game and also they’ve previously been reworked to be up. All the time with except just 5 minute gaps. So for that reason they have more mob density. They’re faster than the level.

    You can access them earlier and they’re up all the time. Because of all these reasons, Helltides are now actually arguably the best way to level in all of Diablo 4 while you’re actually acquiring those lost materials,etc through the leveling process.

    So it double dips in efficiency you probably just want to skip the campaign and farm Helltides.

    2. Unique Items

    All unique items in the game that are not Uber unique items. Now we’re going to drop in World Tier 3 or higher. That means more important than it ever has been to rush to World Tier 3 so that while you’re completing your leveling process. Perhaps in Helltide that we just mentioned, you have the opportunity to acquire some of those build defining Uniques.

    You’re going to need for your in-game build. On top of it, do not forget unique items are now the only items in the game. That actually has four base Affixes as Legendaries. Now their base Affixes are three and you can add two more on for tempering. You can also have greater Affixes onto unique items and can masterwork them.

    So while unique items maybe not have five total Affixes like Legendary items can have after tempering. They’re still going to be pretty strong because they have four base can have multiple greater Affixes on those four base. And then also can be masterworked while also dropping earlier in the game.

    3. Trading

    Utilizing trading if somebody who does not prefer the solo experience. Trading in this game is going to be better than any of the previous Seasons. Unique items can now be traded Legendary items can be traded anything, any item in the game basically that has not been tempered or masterwork can now be traded as long as it’s not in Uber unique.

    As those are the only items that cannot be traded. For that reason, if you get a drop that’s either valuable. Maybe for a build that’s not the one you’re using or if you need to acquire an item. Don’t forget to get or sell your items as they now have a use. You can also trade boss materials in the game, meaning if you’re going to farm for those Uber unique non-tradable items.

    You can use the goal you got from selling some of the items you’ve acquired, including the unique items. And then get those boss materials for the gold, you have gold will be needed in Season 4, because masterworking is going to take a significant amount of gold to accomplish. For all these reasons, trading is going to be better in season 4.

    4. Armor

    Blizzard has changed the way in Season 4 that armor works. There’s now a maximum physical damage reduction of 85% and this is capped at 9,200 and 30 armor. Because there’s an aspect in the game called Juggernauts Aspect. That will give you more armor at max level than you even need to hit the cap.

    You now can, with just one aspect, max out all the armor your character will need. After that you just have to worry about the other defensive layers like Resistances Barrier and Fortify, for instance. So with just this one aspect, you’ll never have to worry about armor again.

    5. Uber Unique

    Craft any Uber unique you want, regardless of which Uber unique you got as a drop. Let me explain it to you. So, for instance, this Iron wolves theme, this is a reputational system, one of the rewards for doing this in season 4 is going to be getting a Resplendant Spark. You get a second Resplendant Spark from killing tormented Echoes, the new higher tier of the boss, and you get a third Resplendant Spark from killing Lilith herself.

    This means that’s three Sparks, you get that, plus you get an Uber's unique drop from killing any of the other Uber bosses continually until that happens. You will still be gated by the RNG,so you require Uber unique.

    You salvage that you get that gives you four total Sparks. You can now craft with those four total Sparks, an Uber unique of your choosing. So because of this, as long as you get a singular Uber unique drop, you can turn it into any Uber unique in the game that you actually want.

    6. Leveling Build

    Use a leveling build when you’re starting out. This will make it easier for you to level as you’re progressing through the game.You compare this with the fact that once you’ve leveled with the leveling build.

    You can use one of Scrolls of Amnesia. You’re going to get during the seasonal Journey which allows you to reset all of your skill trees, Paragon Boards, etc. For free and then swap to an in-game build with the items that you have acquired. Now, if you remember from one of the previous tips, all the uniques drop from World Tier 3 going forward.

    So by time to time you hit the level 100 and you finish the leveling process, you have a much higher chance now. To have everything you need stored within that New Codex, which is a new quality of life where you can store all your new aspects within Codex, even your highest power aspects.

    You find throughout the game and you have a much higher chance of having the unique items Etc. you need. Then you can switch to your in-game variety of the build.

    7. Switching Builds

    Now Feel free to do it if somebody that just wants to learn in-game build from stage one. I totally understand that logic, but this would just save you some time. If someone who’s limited time, you want to level faster and then swap to another build. So this is more of an efficiency thing. That’s not required to do.

    8. Legendaries

    Legendary and unique items that you do not pick up will go back to your stash, anyway. This has a cap of 10 but in Season 4, they have reduced the amount of drops. That are legendary and unique that we’re actually going to be receiving. For this reason, it is harder to fill up this cap, meaning if you don’t want to stop and just pick up gear all the time.

    And we already know that 925 gear is guaranteed at level 95 plus, meaning you don’t have to sit there and identify Legendaries as much. Anyway, you can just go through a Dungeon go back to town after it, see what items actually dropped, look at them at that point and save yourself some time of constantly stopping. Throughout the Dungeon all the time.

    9. Equipment

    Equipment, this isn’t Odie but goodie. If you look at your equipment and it looks like this, it just shows you the stats go to options. After that, what you’re going to do is you’re going to go to gameplay.

    Advanced tool tip compares and advance Tool tip information and turns these on. Go back and look at your items. It’s now going to show you the role that this item is. This will allow you to know if your item rolled very well with its Affixes or fairly poorly.

    This is even more important in season 4 because you’re only going to have three base Affixes. And so you’re going to want to know what that role looks like. Of course, you’re looking for greater a fixes that are going to be 150% of the max row. Anyway, but until you get those, this is going to be important.

    It also lets you compare with advanced comparison as well. Holding shift, it will show you the plus or minus that we’ll acquire if you actually change your equipment pieces between the two you’re comparing. This will very quickly help you know which piece of gear is better.

    10. Boss Ladder

    Boss Ladder has changed since PTR. It used to be you need 5X of the resources to summon one of the tormented level 200 versions of the bosses from the boss ladder. Now it’s only you need 3X of the material, but it still rewards 5X of the boss drops. It means it is much more efficient to use the 3X version summon to get a 5X payout.

    For this reason, you might want to save your boss materials until you’re strong enough to actually take on these level 200 variants of the boss. If you just want to be as efficient as possible with your materials, that’s it.

    Finally, this is what I want to remind everyone. Hope you guys have a great time playing the game.

  • Diablo 4: How To Solve Some Minor Issues? - Items Disappear Randomly & Reset Dungeons And More

    Posted: May 30, 2023

    While playing Diablo 4, have any of you noticed that items on the ground sometimes randomly disappear? Or when you might want to reset a dungeon, you have to go all the way back to town to do it. These two problems greatly affect the game experience.

    Thankfully, it’s easy to fix these two issues and a few other niggles to help you create a more enjoyable Diablo 4 experience. Let’s get back to the question of random items disappearing from the ground and how to fix it by default.

    Item Label Display Fix

    If you are in combat at the time, the item will disappear after a 10 second delay. It will then scatter these items around you. You can pin these items on the options menu and change the item label display option to your desired preference. This way, you can quickly grab these items.

    Quickly Leave & Reset Dungeons

    As for our second point, resetting dungeons quickly and easily without having to go back to town. There is a specific button on the emotion wheel that allows you to simply leave the dungeon you are currently in. You can also rebind it as a key to your choice.

    How To Interact With Pet Dogs?

    Speaking of going back to town, have you ever wondered why you can’t pet a dog that’s wandering around? You can actually walk up to the dog to the emotion wheel, and use the “hello emote,” next to them, so your character can pat the dog on the head.

    Disable Cross Play Functionality

    After optimizing your setup as much as possible, try disabling cross play functionality to reduce the number of players loaded into the game world and the overall number of connections. Of course, this also has the downside of not seeing as many players as before. But maybe it’s also a blessing in disguise.

    Also Read: Best And Worst Things About Diablo 2, Diablo 3 & Diablo 4

    Legendaries Mailed To Stash

    This was a bit hidden in previous Diablo 4 iterations. But thankfully, now it’s right in front of you once you open your inventory. While they might not matter early on, they will matter in World Tiers where your resistances are higher. But they can get nerfed as you clear dungeons and get sweet loot.

    Try not to worry if you happen to miss the legendary items and some of Diablo 4 Gold drops. Thankfully, they mail to your stash safe and sound, but be careful. You can only mail about 20 items. So try to keep an eye out for legendary item drops. But if you miss some, don’t worry too much about it.

    Keep Duplicate Legendaries

    Since we’re talking about legends, try to save multiples of each legend. If they are beneficial to your character, while you can extract legendary items to imprint their effects on rare items. But the legendary item itself gets destroyed during extraction. This means that you will have to keep multipliers on certain legendary items, depending on how useful and rare they are.

    Play How You Want to Play

    Last but not least, I know this might sound cliche. But the way you want to play the game changes over time during the lifespan of a Diablo 4 class.

    Especially with season 1 coming so soon after its official release, some courses will take time to start rolling. For example Barbarian and Druid, they both need Legendary to be as good as Sorceress.

    In any case, you can start the game the way you like to play. Hope these tips can help you solve some of the troubles you encountered in Diablo 4 and get a better gaming experience. I wish you a merry game.

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