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News Tag: Destroyer

  • The Best Destroyer Build Guides You Need in Lost Ark

    Posted: Oct 07, 2022

    Hey guys, welcome to Lost Ark build quick guides, and today I'm going to be covering the Destroyer, which is the brand new warrior class that came out a few weeks ago, honestly he has become one of my favorite classes, I think that the changes they did to the class really made it something special, so let's get right into it.

    Moving on to the build, we have the Class Bonus first, which is going to be Rage Hammer which gives you five percent crit rate, and 15% crit damage or gravity core that you have in stock when you use your purple skills. So if you're playing the class properly, all of your purple skills will have 15% increased crit rate and 45% increased crit damage.

    For your skills, you're going to need 312 skill points for a strong stable build, and the abilities you're going to use are
    Heavy Crush with Quick Hit

    Dreadnaught with Armor Destruction and Enhanced Strike

    Jumping Smash with Superior Charge, Armor Destruction and Smash

    Endure Pian with Wide Hit, Taunt and Healthy Mentality

    Earth Eater with Enhanced Strike, Tenacity and Earthen Rage

    Full Swing with Quick Prep, Scary Hammer and Beast's Eye

    Seismic Hammer with Quick Prep, Absolute Strength and Starving Strength

    Perfect Swing with Weak Point Detection, Absolute Strength and Intemperance

    Out of all these skills, the most important Tripods that you need to get are Healthy Mentality for Endure Pain, Quick Prep and Beast's Eye for Full Swing, Hand Strike and Earthen Rage for Earth Eater and Temperance for Perfect Swing

    For your Awakening, Big Bang does quite a lot of damage in staggers.

    For your Runes, you're going to want to use

    Gale Wind on Perfect Swing, Seismic Hammer and Earth Eater.

    Overwhelm on Full Swing and Jumping Smash.

    Rage on Endure Pain.

    Protection on Dreadnaught.

    Quick Recharge or Bleed on Heavy Crush.

    For your gems, you're going to want

    CDR and Damage gem for Perfect Swing, Seismic Hammer, Earth Eater and Full Swing, basically all of your purple abilities.  

    CDR gem for Endure Pain, Jumping Smash and Dreadnaught. You don't need any gems for Heavy Crush, because it already has such a low cooldown. 

    For your Engravings, at first you're going to want

    Super Charge three and Rage Hammer one.

    Later on when you get to Legendary Accessories you're going to have Super Charge three, Rage Hammer three, Grudge three and Master Brawler one.

    Lastly once you have Relic Accessories you will have Rage Hammer three, Grudge three, Master Brawler three, and Barricade three

    For your gears, Earth's Entropy set is the best relic set for you.

    For your cards, Light of Salvation.

    For your Accessories, ideally you would want 1,000 crit, 500 swift and 500 spec. In order to achieve this you need a crit and spec or swift necklace, a crit earring, and a crit ring. Then depending on the necklace that you got, you're gonna want the remaining accessories. If you got a crit spec necklace, you're gonna want swift on the rest of your accessories, but if you got a crit swift necklace, then you'll want spec on the rest of your accessories.

    That's all content about the quick guides on Destroyer, if you want to communicate more, keep watching and I am glad to see your opinions. Meanwhile buy Lost Art Gold here could enjoy cheap price, here is a good trading web as well.

  • Lost Ark: Destroyer's Skill Build for Leveling

    Posted: Jun 13, 2022

    A few days ago, the Lost Ark development team announced that two new Legion Raids will be brought to Lost Ark's June and July Updates, which also include the Inferno Difficulty version of the Valtan Legion Raid. For these demanding raids, players who want to win must also have the corresponding conditions in terms of level and skills.

    As an Advanced Class that has just been launched, many players who have chosen Destroyer are still in the early farming stage. If you want to shine in the upcoming new Legion Raids, it will be a wise choice to focus on boosting skills from now on. Focus on the following choices of skill will help a lot in leveling.

    The distinguishing feature of Destroyer is that it is slow, but has strong damage and coverage. Therefore, the leveling process of this powerful Tank Class is not particularly difficult. Players need to pay attention to the use of blue skills to deal massive damage while absorbing the maximum incoming attack.

    First of all, we need to invest the most skill points in Perfect Swing, which is the main damage output and the most difficult skill for the enemy to deal with. Although it takes a certain amount of charging time, it can be released in an instant to bring powerful single-target damage. Weak Point Detection, Absolute Strength and Hour of Slaughter are the three Tripods to which it applies.

    Secondly, Seismic Hammer is also a very common basic skill of Destroyer. It does not require charging time and can bring fast single-target damage and large AoE. At the same time, it is also accompanied by high stagger and weak point damage. Quick Prep, Absolute Strength and Starving Strength are the three Tripods of this skill.

    Earth Eater is also an investment-heavy skill, with the hammer's height increasing with each charge, resulting in a very effective single-target attack. Configuring Red Shards, Perspiration and Rock Storm will bring more impressive results.

    Focusing on investing skill points in the above three skills will be able to bring obvious help to Destroyer's upgrade. For team PvE, players using Destroyer also need to pay attention to their position. Putting yourself in front of the boss to do the most damage is the best strategy for the team. is dedicated to helping you with your Lost Ark process, and you can buy cheap Lost Ark Gold here for easier boosting and strengthening. You can also get more news and useful information here.

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