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News Tag: ff14 stormblood

  • Final Fantasy 14: Some Players Can Get Stormblood Expansion For Free

    Posted: Mar 29, 2023

    Recently, new Final Fantasy 14 players can continue their adventures in Eorzea region by receiving a free limited-time expansion on almost all platforms. As soon as this news came out, it aroused heated discussions among players in the community.

    The developers of Final Fantasy 14 also explained the matter and said that they are preparing new updates according to the roadmap. Players will be able to see it in the near future.

    During this period, Final Fantasy 14 also upgraded some important servers in North American data centers. The main purpose is to change the way the game works, so that Final Fantasy 14 can ensure that the servers can still function normally when players flood in the future.

    The server upgrade and maintenance time will be scheduled from April 3rd to April 4th, and will last for 24 hours. At the same time, they will release together it with the new patch 6.38. Although it is not clear what specific impact this server update will have on players. But a recent piece of news about Final Fantasy 14 Starter Edition has caught the attention of many new players.

    Final Fantasy 14’s second expansion, Stormblood, will be available for free until May 8 to players who have acquired the Final Fantasy 14 Starter Edition on any platform. But this promotion is not applicable to old players who already have Endwalker or new players who are just in the free trial period. Among them, is to include the previously accessible extensions.

    Stormblood expansion was first officially released in June 2017. In Stormblood expansion, players can start adventures in Gyr Abania and Far East. At the same time, players can also play the roles of Samurai and Red Mage, rebelling against the dark reign of Garlean Empire.

    Stormblood also brings players a new character, Zenos, one of the most iconic villains in Final Fantasy series. Its main mission throughout Stormblood expansion is to fight Warrior of Light.

    Although there have been many Final Fantasy 14 players who have had significant differences because of the main storyline of Stormblood before, there have been quite a few conflicts.

    However, it is undeniable that there are also some impressive dungeon missions in Stormblood. Whether it is vibrant Shisui of Violet Tides or smoky Doma Castle, players have left many unforgettable memories here.

    And many stories in Stormblood can still provide new inspiration for the update of Final Fantasy 14. We believe that in this updated patch, players can experience more new content, including “Return to Ivalice” alliance raid series, part that Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy Tactics players can participate in.

    During this update, in addition to the free Stormblood upgrade, new players can also participate in the limited-time free login event of the return of Final Fantasy 14. Returning players can once again experience the four days of free play until May 8th. And you can get rich rewards, including some rare items that can improve equipment and some FF14 Gil.

    With the participation of new players and the return of old players, I believe this year’s update of the new expansion of Final Fantasy 14 will be another grand event. If you are also interested, don’t forget to participate in time!

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