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News Tag: Final Fantasy 14 Items

  • FF14 Latest Topic: How About Karen's Dinner?

    Posted: Feb 20, 2023

    We all know what Karen is. There are white women who are always obnoxious, who always think they are right and better than anyone else.

    The most annoying thing is that they always like to force everyone to think she is right. You can always hear them asking to "speak to the manager", but the staff doesn't immediately give in to them.

    Of course, Final Fantasy 14 has its own Karens to deal with. However, this is only presented in a comedic way.

    Creator Chilifarmer is known more in FF14 community through his comedy. Also includes his brand new skit Karen of Eorzea, opening Karen's Diner on Aether in Jenova.

    Karen’s Diner is a low-class tourist restaurant, a 1950s tourist restaurant that is a combination of a jukebox restaurant and a low-class theme park restaurant,” Chili and I explained. The difference is that their servers are very unqualified, so when you decide to go to eat, you have to be mentally prepared.

    There are Karen-style characters in the restaurant, and they will come to you according to your costume and your order. Deciding whether to dump your food on the floor and you have to pick it up yourself.”

    Chili took inspiration from an Australian restaurant of the same name, which featured servers playing the role of rude, punishing any gluttonous customers.

    Chili wanted to integrate the restaurant with something like Eorzean in such a way that it would naturally make things like this work in a lighthearted game.

    Chili loves to take on challenges of all kinds. Chili does everything in the restaurant himself, from the selection of dishes to the design of the restaurant’s exterior.

    Anyone who has ever known FF14 will know that this is not a simple matter. Especially when you want to think outside the box and create something original.

    Of course, if you want to quickly realize the overall design concept of the restaurant, you can also achieve it by obtaining enough FF14 Items, such as Salon Server’s Dress Vest, Varsity Flat Cap, Conditional Virtue and so on.

    Chili also spiced up her restaurant’s ensemble by creating a themed space of a secret bread basket dungeon. Chili tailored the menu for this restaurant.

    Therefore, when you get some items, you will also trigger some special tasks that you need to complete. It’s a lucky thing that you can have a special pop-up dining experience on the weekend.

    Chili said there’s no timetable yet, but typically, she’ll open the restaurant on Saturday night. Also, she always likes to post in her Discord the week before the opening.

    And she always wants to add something new and interesting before her restaurant opens. So she rarely reopens unless she thinks something needs to be changed or edited.

    Normally, of course, you’d probably see many people at Chili restaurants, especially every time Chili reopens.

    Chili’s next opening will be for FishFest on February 18th and 19th from 4-6pm EST. This time it will be a huge pop-up themed restaurant co-designed by the organizers of Eorzea Museum Network and Eorzea Aquarium. And this Karen’s Diner will use fish as the theme of the restaurant.

    An aquarium is set up around the restaurant so you can admire the fish while you dine, with Karen staring at you next to you. You'll be able to catch Fish Fest on February 18-19. At the same time, my character Riku Mistwarden or Karen O'eorzea will also appear.

    You can find information about Karen’s Diner through Discord or the official website, or you can check Chili’s information through Twitch.

    At the same time, I highly recommend you to participate in this FishFest. In addition to Karen's whispers, there are also rich activities such as Panels, a dance performance by Esprit, Contests, etc. that are worth watching. You can also check out the full event on the official website. Hope you have fun.

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