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Path Of Exile: Expedition Features A New Skill Gem That Works Like A Popular Destiny 2 Gun

2021-07-20 17:20:34

Path Of Exile: Expedition is coming soon, some of these things will make Destiny 2 players immediately recognize. Path Of Exile players mainly uses Skill Gems to cause damage. These skill gems can be socketed in gear to link them support gems to increase their damage output or change the way they work.

In POE, there will be a new Skill Gem for bows named Storm Rain. It fires an arrow in the sky and eventually hits the ground and causes damage. Then it sticks in the ground and periodically causes lightning damage to the enemies. Using the skill many times can link arrows with one another via a beam of lightning, creating patches of ground that constantly damage the enemies. Destiny 2 players may be familiar with a special Exotic gun called Anarchy, which is very similar to Storm Rain in POE, but because GGG’s game settings are more of a dark age type, this new Skill Gem is not fired with a massive grenade launcher.

But because of the different mechanics of the two games, the branching effect of each component will greatly change the way the game is played. Even if Storm Rain and Anarchy have similar effects, we cannot predict how much impact the latter’s new skills will have. In Path Of Exile, you need to carefully balance your builds, not only to effectively clear the areas full of small monsters, but also to cause enough single-target damage against the bosses.

In short, Storm Rain sounds very attractive, but when the new POE League landed on PC this Friday, it remains to be seen how much damage it will be. In any case, this new element added to the Path Of Exile skill gem-set may be an easter egg, and players interested in it can even create a build around it.

The new league may shake the core gameplay of POE, which is even more attractive, so for all POE players, now is the time to prepare for the new league, POE Currency is an essential part, after all, everyone wants to be a winner. At this time, you will not want to miss IGGM.

IGGM provides cheap POE Currency. Discount coupons are always available here. Once Expedition League is released, IGGM will also launch discount coupons for the new league, so you can pay more attention to IGGM to buy POE Currency at low prices.

Path Of Exile: Best Starter Builds For Ritual League

2021-01-19 16:56:16

The new POE League has finally begun, so for POE players, finding a perfect build is the most important thing.

Ritual challenge league

The challenge league in POE is essentially a series of challenges, and you can try to obtain circular rewards. Every 13 weeks, the league will change to a new theme. This time, it changed from Heist to Ritual, all you need to do is to fight a group of monsters while dealing with booster effects or environmental hazards. It released the Echoes of the Atlas expansion, which includes changes to current build components. So the old builds may not adapt to the new league.

What do starter builds need to consider?

Before you start creating a build, you need to consider what the build is for. Because this is a combat league, you will continue to face challenges, so direct damage and high survivability are the keys. In addition to considering budget and scale, you also need to consider the use of summoning or personal defense to prevent damage, as well as the foe-shredding, universal damage.


The Toxic Rain DoT Trickster covers a lot of ground with powerful, face-melting damage. This is a slight change from the Toxic Rain Mine Trickster in the Heist League and contains some of the same concepts.

Explosive Trap Saboteur can produce a large amount of damage at the right positioning at one time, clear the waves, and can cause huge damage to bosses without waiting for the damage stacks.

Returning from the Heist League is a Spectre based Necromancer: the Summon Raging Spirits Necromancer. Necromancers and Tricksters have always been considered two of the best in POE.

For players who prefer the physically inclined, Super Cyclone, a Leeching Slayer build, can split enemies effortlessly while maintaining their own health.

In another DoT vein, the Bleed Blow Gladiator can effectively block attacks, while making the enemy bleed a lot in multiple attacks.

Of course, there are more builds that can be used, but these are enough for any gameplay.

As Ritual League in full swing, IGGM will often update relevant game news or guides afterward. If you are interested, you can subscribe to IGGM, and IGGM also provides cheap POE Currency.

Even if you are a PS4 or Xbox One user, you can also buy the matching POE Currency on IGGM.


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