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Throne And Liberty: To Be Released In The First Half Of 2023

Posted: Feb 09, 2023

In Director's Preview, NCSoft released the latest news on its new flagship IP "Throne And Liberty", giving you a taste of the next generation of MMORPG. In the trailer, we can also find that in the first half of 2023, Throne And Liberty will release next-generation consoles and PC.

In this brief gameplay trailer, it's shown what to expect from the upcoming MMORPG, including some action sequences and locations, as well as some fresh details about the game, like the living world and "Free-Class" system. When the unexpected PvP situation arises, you'll engage in regional events, join boss raids and build strategic games.

Throne And Liberty

Lee Moon Seop, Design Director of Throne and Liberty said, "In Throne and Liberty, the world is made up of various and different areas. Since each area has a different background story, competitions in your area will also be different. Each area may have some special events. If you are in that specific area, then you can take part in those events. The game time is 20 minutes, so that your ranking can rise easily."

During this 10-year period, NCSoft has been working on remakes and reboots such as Lineage 2, Lineage 2M, and Lineage W. However, since the release of Blade and Soul in 2012, the first game to be developed with a new storyline was Throne and Liberty. In the preview, Principal Development Manager Moonyoung Choi and Chief Creative Cfficer Taekjhin Kim also revealed some fresh details about the characteristics of Throne and Liberty. They include a lot to keep you interested, such as environments, dungeons, open world and combat. And these contents are flexible and can change as the weather changes.

In my opinion, the most interesting thing about Throne and Liberty is the introduction of the "Free Class" system. This system lets you choose your character based on the weapon of your choice. In other words, you can have more than one playstyle in combat. The world in Throne and Liberty is not only a world that fully combines past, present and future, but also a vivid open world with environmental gimmick and dynamic weather conditions, which makes you feel like you are there. In addition to these, Throne and Liberty will also divide the map, and the environment can also change the terrain and ecology of the site, which will add a lot of vitality to the game.

Producer Ahn Jong-ok said, "The foundation for players to connect with each other is actually a world without borders. This world has various and countless ways to interact. For example, a dungeon has its own main area and separate entrances. Whereas in a dungeon, there are many floors and different spaces, and we've connected them all together. If you want to go to the lowest floor in an instant, it's possible." Later, he added, "The very nature of MMO is about building community and discovering who you are, so Throne and Liberty have a connected world in a single time zone."

In the Director's Preview, there are also some details on Throne and Liberty's game services, and UI and UX for consoles and PC are provided. The development team said, "Although the needs of our global player base are different, its precise character customization function can meet these needs." In order to let the next-generation MMORPG to be cloud-streamed on mobile devices, the next-generation MMORPG will adopt the "Memorial" system.

If you want to keep up with the latest news from Throne and Liberty, you can visit Here, you can know relevant information about the game and required product services.


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