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  • Surprise! Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Expansion Launches Today!

    Nov 25, 2020

    Fallout 76: Steel Dawn is released today, originally scheduled to be released on December 1. This expansion finally introduced the Brotherhood of Steel, and a new quest line appears.

    As early as October this year, Steel Dawn was announced. Earlier, Bethesda announced the roadmap for the 2020 content update. So the players of Fallout 76 are already preparing for Steel Dawn.

    The early release of this expansion is because the players of Xbox one encountered a bug. They downloaded the update before the update was ready, so they were locked out of the game and could not enter. So Bethesda decided to release the update in advance to allow players on all platforms to start the new expansion. Awesome!

    In the Steel Dawn expansion, you can build your own vaults. These vaults are located in separate locations under your camp. The CAMP shelters will have an independent build budget without too many restrictions, which means you can truly customize your personalized underground vault. And new characters, factions, locations, recipes, weapons, and armors will appear.

    Since its initial launch, Bethesda has received a lot of criticism. Bethesda has continued to improve and wanted to create a brand new Fallout 76 for players. Many updates have also confirmed that Bethesda's efforts are valuable. More and more players become fans of Fallout 76, which proves that improvements are making the game better and better.

    IGGM will also update relevant news as soon as possible based on player reviews. Hope everyone can have a good gaming experience! No matter what kind of game experience this expansion brings to players, Bethesda's way of releasing updates in advance for fans is definitely moving. Games that always put fans first will definitely get better and better.

    In Steel Dawn, stronger enemies will also appear, so it is time for you to prepare better armors and weapons. If you need Fallout 76 Bottle Caps, don't forget to check IGGM.

  • Fallout 76: What The Steel Dawn Update Will Bring To Us?

    Nov 10, 2020

    In December, the Steel Dawn of Fallout 76 will be updated, which means the Brotherhood of Steel will return to Appalachia. New quests are waiting for you to complete, and you can meet with the Brotherhood there and know about why they came back and the way to help them.

    This update will not be as big as the Wastelanders expansion, but there will still be a lot of new contents, because many different locations and new NPCs appeared in the trailer.

    Speaking of the Brotherhood of Steel, you can expect to see the leader of the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Army in Appalachia - Paladin Leila Rahmani. Meanwhile, Knight Daniel Shin and Scribe Odessa Valdez will accompany her.

    Why are they here?

    They will check the remains of Atlas Observatory, and they may turn it into a base. If you want to know more details, you'll need to explore it yourself.

    New Weapons

    In the upcoming update, new weapons and armor will also appear. The Hellstorm Launcher that can dish out elemental damage, and a new melee weapon called the Plasma Cutter, I bet you'll like it.

    New NPCs & Enemies & Allies

    Speaking of new weapons, there are bound to be new enemies, so you may be about to encounter new enemies or NPCs. There are also two new allies, one is Solomon Hardy, he can bandage wounds or heal diseases for you. The other is Yasmin Chowdhury, who will cook for you once a day. In other words, a doctor or a chef will soon join your team, do you suddenly feel that your life is protected well?

    After watching the trailer, I guess that Fallout 76 will once again attract a group of fans, because the new content and the mysterious actions of the Brotherhood make players curious. It is only about a month before the update. We can look forward to this update.

    Although we do not know the specific date, once the Steel Dawn is released, IGGM will update the news in time to let you know, provided that you have bookmarked the news page on IGGM.

    You can also buy cheap Fallout 76 Bottle Caps on IGGM, whether you are a PC user, PS4 user, or Xbox One user, Fallout 76 Bottle Caps For Sale on IGGM can perfectly meet your needs.