Why Female Characters Are Never Allowed In Escape From Tarkov?
Why Female Characters Are Never Allowed In Escape From Tarkov?

After playing Escape From Tarkov for a while, all you encountered were male soldiers, right? That's because the developer, Battlestate Games has stated that they will not add female characters to the game due to much work to do.

This doesn't have any sexism, but a female character does need too many animations and takes a lot of time to achieve. From the confirmation of Battlestate on Twitter: it respects women both as people and active military participants, the studio won't add playable female characters because it doesn't fit into the game's lore.

Escape from Tarkov released in 2017 by Battlestate is an online shooter with survival elements to make it become something of Twitch darling due to its unique structure and tense firefights.

In the early days of EFT release, and even earlier, in-game wars were too stressful for women, this is also the original intent of EFT not to add female characters, which drew criticism because women already are allowed to fight in modern militaries.

But Battlestate Games has already rumored that this vies didn't reflect the official position of the company, but because of the huge amount of work needed with animations, gear fitting, etc, the studio will still not add playable female characters for EFT in a short time.

However, the lack of female characters has no effect EFT's player base and views, ranked top among popular games. This is also not the first game about women in a war that is much less okay than a simple development oversight.

Anyway, not each game must include female characters, but if you don't, a reasonable reply is indeed needed to deal with the issue of gender discrimination.

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