The Elder Scrolls Online Will Donate $200,000 During Slay Dragons Save Cats
The Elder Scrolls Online Will Donate $200,000 During Slay Dragons Save Cats

When playing a game, would you think that it might become a charity? Although this is incredible, ZeniMax really did so in the Elder Scrolls Online, it is calling on players to kill the dragons for donating a total of $200,000 in the real world to charities through Slay Dragons Save Cats before December 9. If you are just free, why not participate in it and contribute to the charity?

Slay Dragons Save Cats is a special charity event for the Season of the Dragon in ESO, and every five dragons are killed by the players, the developer will donate 1 dollar to the charity for saving small animals like cats, up to $200,000.

This event has been going on for quite some time, and it is available for all ESO players. After that, all donations will be sent to these two charity, Save Them All and Four Paws, which could be used to build the shelters for homeless animals and other protective measures.

So far, more than 500,000 dragons have been killed, which means that ESO has raised more than $100,000 for charities($122535 already raised), but there is still much work to be done during the rest time.

In the Season of the Dragon, the huge beast is one of the essential element, they roam the skies over Elsweyr, and you can attack or kill them at any time.

The dragons can be discovered on the map, and a total of three dragons can be featured on map in the northern Elsweyr zone, while the southern Elsweyr zone can present only two dragons.

Have to say, not all games can take charity into consideration, ESO is speaking in a special voice, calling on everyone to join the group for saving poor animals.

Beyond that, if you don't want to play ESO, you can search for Slay Dragons Save Cats directly and make the donation through it.

In response to this event, we will also contribute to charity as much as possible, and we are willing to donate part of profits for selling ESO Gold to the charity during this period.

In the last chapter of the Season of Dragon, you still have chance to shine, not just for donations, but you also get a lot of unique items as reward. Now there is a discount on IGGM, all orders can get a 5% off, and this is a good time to store some Gold in your pocket, never miss out if you don't want to fall behind.

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