Runescape Made Diversity Improvements In An Update, Condemned Strictly
Runescape Made Diversity Improvements In An Update, Condemned Strictly

In order to improve the user experience and better foster diversity in Runescape, it added diversity improvements in a recent update, released on February 24, breaking the established lore, but causing condemned strictly by players.

In the "Diversity Improvements" section, Jagex made adjustments to a lot of content in Runescape, especially the use of some words.

For example, the word "Gypsy" was removed from the game because it might be considered a racial slur.

The NPC names in Kharidian Desert were also changed to better reflect the diverse variety of names we could see in real life. Nearly all NPCs were called Ali is due to the game's lore, according to legend, a mayor of Pollnivneach in Runescape wrote in his will that his fortune was to be left to Ali. While no heir came to claim it, a huge number of towns legally changed their names to Ali to claim it, and it has become tradition to name children Ali.

With the update, they have to change their name from Ali, which actually against their established canon, that is to say, the citizens would not be eligible to inherit Pollnivneach mayor’s fortune, so they are very repulsive and even condemned the improvements.

Simply put, a group of community members who were eager to inherit huge fortune became angry due to changing names from Ali, which made them completely lose the right to inheritance. The greed of a particular set of people led these diversity improvements that would have made Runescape happier and more inclusive were not accepted well.

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