Runescape Double XP Event Skills To Earn Experience
Runescape Double XP Event Skills To Earn Experience

RuneScape offers players with some opportunities to gain Bonus XP per year, Double XP event, generally starting on a Friday and ending on the following Monday, also known as Double XP Weekend.

When required to stay more indoors, away from the crowd, RuneScape added a double XP event to fill the gap, along with a longer duration than before. Starting from May 8, it would run until May 18, giving RS members +100% boost, and free players +20%.

In order to get more XP in a limited time, you need to master the guide.

Keep Yourself at 100%
It requires you to play for 48 hours in RuneScape Double XP event, and keep yourself at 100% allows you to enter the game faster and complete the work efficiently, which also ensuring health. So you are recommended to take regular breaks, drink plenty of water, eat and sleep on time per day.

This is an effective method to provide fast and high XP per hour, including Taverley and Amlodd training. You can level up to 99 in less than 10 hours through completing expensive methods, which is a good chance to get a large number of XP.

However, when completing the quests, you must prepare advanced equipment in the inventory, like charms, pouches, shards and tertiary ingredients.

This is the most commonly used method for starters to gain XP, especially in Double XP event. At the same time, it is also a good opportunity to exercise the players' skills, but the disadvantage is that it will waste a lot of time.

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