Runescape Adds Advent Calendar For Christmas This Week
Runescape Adds Advent Calendar For Christmas This Week

The developer Jagex of Runescape announced to release an update with Smooth Movement recently, changing the way characters move in it. Here is the full content of the movement.
What’s the characters movement? In Runescape, all characters or NPCs are controlled by the game servers, which means that any movement is affected by the server, and Jagex's update is to reduce the time between each movement and make the characters seem more natural, avoiding game stalls or delays.

Simply put, it fixes some technical issues to make each movement smoother and more natural with the update, making it look closer to real-man movement. And the version with Smooth Movement will be available this week.

Beyond that, Runescape didn't sit idle. New Patch Notes will come along with the Smooth Movement, which fixes some issues in the game, now you can view all of them on Runescape's official site.

More importantly, there is also an event related to Christmas, Advent Calendar, which will remind you to log in to the game and receive rewards every day from December 1 to 25, including some scary Santa Claws and an adorable yeti pet. There will be a gift behind each door, so open them at will.

That is to say, the annual Christmas event is back. Every year at this time, there will be a grand PVM event in Runescape for players to become bosses and have fun in it. During the period, the Pink Skirts will host a variety of events to invite. 12 days before Christmas this year, please check your email regularly to accept the event cards, and if you are lucky enough, you won't come home with nothing, at least with stars and lamps.

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