RuneScape Tzhaar Fight Cave Guide- How To Defeat Ket-Zek And Tztok-Jad
RuneScape Tzhaar Fight Cave Guide- How To Defeat Ket-Zek And Tztok-Jad

After releasing Old School RuneScape for a period of time, Jagex added the TzHaar Fight Cave, bringing a lot of new challenges, and 2 new monsters, Ket-Zek and TzTok-Jad, replacing the Kalphite Queen as the most powerful creature in the RuneScape series.

Let's review TzHaar Fight Cave, this is the hardest part of OSRS, only members could be invited to defeat those monsters from level 22 to 360. although the rewards are very valuable, not everyone can get it. With the guide, you might pass smoothly until the last level, defeating TzTok-Jad.

In order to get to the TzHaar Fight Cave, you can do through:

Use the fight caves option on the TokKul-Zo ring to teleport, which can be gained after finishing the Elder Kiln quest, and can be kept even though you die during the minigame.

Use the fairy ring code
Boat from Port Sarim or Ardougne with a ring of charos or 30 coins
Teleport with a charged amulet of glory.

Once you get there, you have to fight with monsters around the clock.

Before playing, set a bank pin to store all of items, especially OSRS Gold, the in-game currency, which can be used to buy almost everything to become powerful.

The monsters are from level 22 to 360, monsters with higher levels are more difficult to defeat. As the monsters are high on Strength and Attack, you could use the aforementioned Ranged to adopt, and kill them.

The final monster you encounter, which is also the toughest to defeat, TzTok-Jad, before attacking, you will see some tips on the screen to show which skills and magics it will use to give you a little time to make defense. Long consumption will give you an advantage, and you can still use the long-large attacks to deal damage to it when necessary.

Until defeating the TzTok-Jad, you'll get rewarded with a fire cape, one of the best melee cape of RuneScape, causing several Attacks and Defence bonuses, +11 ranged and protect from Magic Defence.

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