RuneScape: Archaeology Skill Is Live
RuneScape: Archaeology Skill Is Live

It's finally here that Jagex plans to add its 28th skill in RuneScape on March 30, Archaeology , integrating gathering, manufacturing and trading, and is expected to be the largest elite skills in RuneScape.

Archaeology is a skill within a maximum level of 120, and available up to level 20 in free-to-play along with a new skilling pet, a child mummy. Also, it introduces daily challenges to bring more experience to players, the following is all of the information of Archaeology Skill in RuneScape.

With Archaeology, the players are required to excavate strange artifacts in the subterranean tomb, restore them and gain their powers. As a result, in order to find valuable artifacts, you need to find suitable locations, and there are five dig sites to explore in Archaeology. From low level to high, they are respectively:

KHARID-ET: at level 5
INFERNAL SOURCE: at level 20
EVERLIGHT: at level 42
WARFORGE: at level 76

Around the locations, you could dig and discover all kinds of fascinating objects, artefact and materials. Once completed, you need to use benches to restore them, this is also part of your task, and garner you the majority of experience, you'll get rewarded while the work is well done.

The rewards of Archaeology are also valuable including Relic Powers, Ancient Summoning and Ancient Invention.

During the first 6 months of Archaeology release, it will also provide additional rewards after meeting certain requirements, such as the players can get Completionist and Trimmed Capes, the Max Cape when reaching level 99. during this period, the use of bonus experience, experience lamps, Wisdom aura and Wide perk are banned.

Currently, Archaeology is playable, you can jump into RuneScape and start a whole new adventure with the new skill.

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