Return Of Old School Runescape Deadman Mode In May To The Coronavirus Relief
Return Of Old School Runescape Deadman Mode In May To The Coronavirus Relief

In order to make people stay at home full of fun, rather than doing nothing, the developer Jagex is doing its part to hold an event in Old School Runescape to take up four weeks, Deadman Mode, a return of classic seasonal tournament.

Starting from May 1, the players can risk all they carry on them and a portion of their items hidden away in the bank in order to get increased experience rates ranging from 5 to 10 times.

During Deadman Mode running, certain instanced areas of Geilinor in Old School Runescape would be not available, like the Revenant Caves, Lava Dragon Isles as well as Zulrah, because of the lack of regular loot tables.

Simply put, in Deadman Mode, players can get 5 times more experience than usual. Everyone can start their adventure in any place at combat level 3 in Old School Runescape. Upon killing a player, they can get blood money to purchase Deadma armour from Nigel in the Lumbridge graveyard.

After the tournament, the final winner can get a huge prize pool. In the past, it is rewarded up to $20,000 in cash prizes, but due to the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, it is described as "a substantial charity prize pool", there will be more prizes in the name of winner to charities that provide relief to the coronavirus.

The Deadman Mode Tournament is set to launch on May 1, and with the final on Friday, May 29, inviting all paid players to participate.

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