Players Affected By Long Queue Times Are Compensated 1 Million EFT Roubles
Players Affected By Long Queue Times Are Compensated 1 Million EFT Roubles

Escape From Tarkov is a hit among players, featuring the combination of keyboards and mouse to control the character movements and combat commands. However, in recent attempts, many players have encountered long queue times when waiting to load into a raid due to the poor servers, causing discomfort and panic among the players.

The developer Battlestate Games quickly appeared and explained the cause of the accident and currently actively working on resolving the failure.

Battlestate Games posted to explain more about what the developer is doing to fix EFT server issues, including login issues, disconnects, error 200, 1000, 500, etc, and actively working.
Stabilizing backend is the most prioritized task for repairing the sever. A large number of influx players can't be loaded by the limited server, and suddenly cause critical malfunctions. This is not simply a matter of adding some severs to solve, even taking a long time to gradually improve the entire system.

Battlestate Games apologizes to all affected players and said it could stabilize all as soon as possible. In order to make up for the time and equipment lost by players due to the server problems, it will provide 1 million EFT Roubles to each one for free.

Even so, there is still someone who is not satisfied with the result. A player who once eliminated all PMC on the server said that he is likely to quit EFT completely due to the player-controlled Scavs, they have plundered a ton of loot from him.

Moreover, due to the poor server, someone can no longer enjoy the looting, which completely makes them lose the fun of playing.

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