Maplestory Glory Update Details, Release Date, Game Story And Events
Maplestory Glory Update Details, Release Date, Game Story And Events

Maplestory is a 16-year-old game, although it does not continuously update the content to attract more players like other MMOs, its development is still very strong. As for the latest update, Glory, first announced in the Korean MapleStory region in June, and it will be released on November 20, adding a new class Hoyoung, new quests and zones to explore, it won't stop until January 28, 2020.

Empress Cygnus is calling upon the brave to join the Maple Alliance after the Black Mage fell to rebuild Maple World. During this period, the players are required to complete a series of challenges and gather up the coins for a good game experience.

Hoyoung Class
Hoyoung Class, who is an Anima Thief and available on December 4, he leaves for the Maple World and reseals monsters he unknowingly released after tampering with an ancient seal. Hoyoung is trying to capture all these monsters with the help of Taotie, one of the four perils. He excels at using a Ritual Fan, as well as a variety of powerful skills to make up for his mistakes.

Tera Burning & Extreme Breakthrough Event
Starting from November 20, all Maplers who make new Tera Burning characters gain two extra levels per level-up until they reach 200. This is a good opportunity to obtain valuable rewards, such as Permanent Root Abyss Armor and Fafnir Weapons. And gain the Extreme Breakthrough Boxes from Level 205 to 220. Anyway, this is the perfect time to level up the character and gain XP during the event.

City of Cernium
Cernium is a Holy City, and there is always a deadly enemy at its doorstep, the brave are invited by the Prince Carlisle of Cernium to clear the evil. As part of the Glory Guard, this is one of the players' quests to defend a weakened Cernium.

Glory is one of the few updates of Maplestory, which brings many new challenges. Knowing that powerful equipment and weapons can enhance the characters and defeat the enemies, but it must be a chore if there is much "money" in your pocket.

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