Jagex Responded Runescape Controversial 2019, And Looked To Monetization In 2020
Jagex Responded Runescape Controversial 2019, And Looked To Monetization In 2020

The year 2019 is coming to an end, and it is the best time to make a summary. This is the eighteenth year of Runescape, which is a long process from strange to familiar. It can be said that Runescape is the first popular MMORPG that many players have played, and met a large number of online friends here.

Looking back on these years, Runescape was not always running smooth, and even countered the lows in the middle. Until the release of Old School Runescape in 2013, it brought an attractive storyline and valuable challenges in the game, which completely save Runescape's reputation.

The developer Jagex summarized the profit model of Runescape over the past ten years, originally, Runescape was set up as a subscription-based game, and most of the developer’s benefits came from players' subscription, therefore Runescape was considered as a paid game.

Then Jagex added a new method, Squeal of Fortune, which supported players to get rewards by rotating wheels every day, such as Runescape Gold, and they can also increase extra spins by completing tasks to get more rewards. Since it is a random reward with huge chance, it was soon opposed by the players of Runescape.

Until 2014, a new trading mode, Treasure Hunter, replaced the original monetized trading, which is the current loot box system in Runescape after receiving the players' criticism of Squeal of Fortune.

In Runescape, there are a total of 49 Treasure Hunter events throughout 2019, which brought some additional rewards to players, such as the special XP lamps, the players can exchange experience and level up with them.

This is mentioned from an article that Jagex explained the controversial 2019 of Runescape and revealed the "direct and deliberate changes for 2020".

From the article, microtransactions in Runescape have always been a controversial topic, and Jagex always tried new ways to deal with it, such as adding special extra passes to the game and change the mode from a standard loot crate system.

There is a fixed in-game currency in Runescape's micro-transactions, Runescape Gold, which is an indispensable tool as an intermediary in the game, and all the items can be exchanged for RS Gold, but most of the time it is not easy to get these gold unless you could play all day.

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