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  • VIP Expire Date: 2020/11/25-2021/11/25
  • VIP Expire Date: 2020/11/25-2021/08/25
  • VIP Expire Date: 2020/11/25-2021/05/25
  • VIP Expire Date: 2020/11/25-2021/02/25
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Why Join iggm VIP Member?

1, Discount will be effected once you joined, no minimum order history consumption needed.

The VIP service is easy to access. You can enjoy one-year service with very limited money. The experience is up to one year, and during the whole process, you can enjoy an discount from 3%-10%. You can definitely save more with VIP service during the whole period.

Compare to most of the other sites, clients usually will be asked for large history order consumption before they can enjoy the real discount.

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For all the on stock products, iggm will have the routine promotion with much lower price which nearly close to our cost price. This activity only has one single purpose: To provide our VIP members quality product with very competitive price.

All our VIP members could attend such promotion without any additional requirements.

3, Risk guarantee in certain scope.

This service will not cover this situation when you transfer the delivered goods to others when the order is finished.

Hereby we’d like to remind all our members: when delivery is completed, iggm will never ask you to return the delivered goods with any excuses.

If someone asking you to return the delivered goods, that man is a fraud.