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Delivery Time
  • 5 Minute(s) - 10 Minute(s)
  • 99% Orders < 10 Minute(s)
Delivery Method
  • Face To Face

    Please contact 24*7 live support to get the transaction position. We will deliver your Currency face to face in the game.

Please First Select Your Growtopia Items Server/Platform
  • Growtopia Items
  • World Lock

    World Lock

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  • Diamond Lock

    Diamond Lock

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  • Blue Gem Lock

    Blue Gem Lock

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About Growtopia Items

What's Growtopia Items?

Growtopia is a server-run MMO sandbox video game where players can chat, farm, add friends, trade, build worlds and PVP. The game was initially released for Android in November 2012.

Players can lock areas they want by using different sizes of locks: Small Lock, Big Lock, Huge Lock, and World Lock (there are also other types of locks such as Diamond Locks, but works like World Locks). When a player has locked an area with a lock, the player can access other people to the lock or edit properties by wrenching the lock.

Why choose IGGM.COM  to buy Growtopia Items?

Growtopia Items is our featured product in IGGM.COM. As our slogan presented:

98% of our orders can be delivered in 10 minutes, and we have 24*7 online live support.

As for the price, we can guarantee that most of our price will be lower than other selling sites. This is because even we have the same price cost, but we only keep very limited profit.

We also provide extra service to our VIP members,thus our members could buy Growtopia Items with our cost price, and save lots of money in a long time. The more you buy, the more you will save! Regular promotions will be hold for our members too. Most of our promotions are very costly for our VIPs.

There are various payments supported, such as PayPal, Credit Cards, Paysafecard、and Carte Blune etc. We also use SSL for information encryption to protect clients security.

How do I get the Growtopia Items from IGGM.COM?

Face to Face is our recommend delivery method. It’s convenient, fast, and easy. When finished payment successfully, please contact our live support for the trading position in game. Our team will wait in the game position and deliver Growtopia Items face to face. You should keep on line in game for the delivery.