RuneScape Mobile Will Roll Out On iOS And Android In 2020
RuneScape Mobile Will Roll Out On iOS And Android In 2020

On January 15, Jagex CEO Phil Mansell posted a video on YouTube, announcing some key milestones RuneScape reached in 2019, of which the most important is the number of paid players of RS achieved over 1.1 million.

Beyond that, Jagex also revealed that RuneScape Mobile will roll out on iOS and Android throughout 2020.

By now, RuneScape Mobile Early Access is also available for members on Android, giving the chance to experience the magic of RuneScape on mobile, and the public version will be completely open to the public.

As early as 2017, Jagex added the mobile client to RuneScape and has done a lot of work after that for the final RS app.

Since RS Mobile works cross-platform with players on PC, the players can play the game using the same characters as they do on their PC, including the microtransactions.

The difference is that the app has suspended and resume support, that is, the users could stop the game record while calling, listening to the music or using other mobile apps. Since the early access was performed on Android, now Jagex is moving all the features of the app to iOS device, which will take more time to wait.

Looking back on 2019, RS achieved unprecedented success, and even set a record. As a 19-year MMORPG, almost every day players leave from RS due to boredom, but at the same time more accounts will be created until millions of players in both paid and free versions.

OSRS is a past version of RS, which once released Mobile version as a try, surprisingly, it has achieved great success and has 8 million users since its release in October 2018, and it is still growing in 2020. therefore, RS Mobile has great hope that it will be accepted well by fans.

We mentioned earlier that the microtransaction of RS Mobile is synchronized with PC, in other words, it is likely that there will not be a new currency, temporarily call it as RS Mobile Gold. Surely, RS Gold will be used in general for Mobile and PC.

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