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About EFT Cash

Escape from Tarkov, EFT, first released by Battlestate Games on July 27, 2017, since then, the story-driven MMO has attracted the enthusiasm of thousands of players and received high reviews. As of now, it only runs on Microsoft Windows, but it will soon expand to more other media platforms.

Roubles or called Cash are the united currency to use in EFT, which can be used to purchase almost all EFT Roubles, but to gain the Roubles themselves, it is not just farming that can meet daily needs.

Significant Features shopping here:

100%-safe trading system

Within 10 minutes delivery speed

Friendly and comprehensive 24/7 customer service

Lower price than other stores

Currently, you only need to register an account on IGGM, search for “buy EFT Cash”, then put the goods and quantity you need into the shopping cart, talk to customer service to determine the payment methods and time, you’ll find what you need in your account soon.

IGGM always puts the interests of customers first, it never deceives any customer, if you have any question, please contact the customer service, who will patiently deal with everything for you.

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Gun And Ammo Guide To Use In Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a first-person shooter video game developed by Battlestate Games, requiring players to escape the city of Tarkov under certain circumstances. On this way, they can kill anyone they encounter and get loot. As a result, guns, ammo and other equipment are the keys to success.In the latest Update 12.4, a list of ammo damage released by Battlestate Games reminds players that it is important to choose the right ammo for the right occasion, such as melee or long-range shooting.There are more than 100 different types of rounds in Tarkov, and each one has unique stats including Damage, Penetration, Velocity, Recoil, and Armor Damage, from the list, you can choose the most suitable ammo based on its damage, projectile speed, accuracy and more.Shotgun Shotguns can cause huge damage, but they don't have much penetration, so it is not recommended to use shotguns to target locations with bones. Also, each pellet of a shotgun could do huge damage, but very low armor damage..366 TKMThe round can be only used in VPO rifles to give high damage with less velocity, range and penetration, which are basically useless in PVP, as it couldn't cause any damage to a player with any level of armor.12.7x55mmThe round is divided into three types, PS12, PS12A, and PS12B, all of which are used exclusively by the ASH-12, causing over 100 damage per shot, but with low penetration, range, accuracy and velocity with really high recoil.PS12 is the standard rounds with 115 dmg and 28 AP, while the PS12A has the highest damage overall at 165 dmg, the PS12B does the highest AP with 102 dmg.5.7x28mmThe ammo consists of 7 types, L191, R37.F, r37.X, SB193, SS190, SS197SR, SS198LF which is used by the FN Five-seven and the P90. Each ammo is a bit costly with good velocity, damage, AP and high rate of fire with P90, creating overall 90 damage but only 8 AP.SS190(49 dmg, 37AP), L191(58dmg, 33AP), and SB193(54dmg, 35AP) have a nice balance between damage and AP, of which the SS190 is the best balanced, along with low cost.These are some ammo available to help you while playing Escape from Tarkov, but it is not the best course to select. EFT items, including ammo, are not always so easy to gain, with that in mind, you can find some retailers to buy, or use EFT cash to exchange directly.IGGM is a good place to trade, as it sells various types of in-game currency and equipment, it is always trusted by consumers after truly considering the right of buyers, which can definitely bring you near-perfect shopping experience.

Why Female Characters Are Never Allowed In Escape From Tarkov?

After playing Escape From Tarkov for a while, all you encountered were male soldiers, right? That's because the developer, Battlestate Games has stated that they will not add female characters to the game due to much work to do.This doesn't have any sexism, but a female character does need too many animations and takes a lot of time to achieve. From the confirmation of Battlestate on Twitter: it respects women both as people and active military participants, the studio won't add playable female characters because it doesn't fit into the game's lore.Escape from Tarkov released in 2017 by Battlestate is an online shooter with survival elements to make it become something of Twitch darling due to its unique structure and tense firefights. In the early days of EFT release, and even earlier, in-game wars were too stressful for women, this is also the original intent of EFT not to add female characters, which drew criticism because women already are allowed to fight in modern militaries.But Battlestate Games has already rumored that this vies didn't reflect the official position of the company, but because of the huge amount of work needed with animations, gear fitting, etc, the studio will still not add playable female characters for EFT in a short time.However, the lack of female characters has no effect EFT's player base and views, ranked top among popular games. This is also not the first game about women in a war that is much less okay than a simple development oversight.Anyway, not each game must include female characters, but if you don't, a reasonable reply is indeed needed to deal with the issue of gender discrimination.EFT Cash is still a sought-after product to play a huge role in shopping for EFT items, here is an excellent shop IGGM to sell all types of in-game currency and equipment, safe and reassuring to make your game easier.

Players Affected By Long Queue Times Are Compensated 1 Million EFT Rou...

Escape From Tarkov is a hit among players, featuring the combination of keyboards and mouse to control the character movements and combat commands. However, in recent attempts, many players have encountered long queue times when waiting to load into a raid due to the poor servers, causing discomfort and panic among the players.The developer Battlestate Games quickly appeared and explained the cause of the accident and currently actively working on resolving the failure.Battlestate Games posted to explain more about what the developer is doing to fix EFT server issues, including login issues, disconnects, error 200, 1000, 500, etc, and actively working.Stabilizing backend is the most prioritized task for repairing the sever. A large number of influx players can't be loaded by the limited server, and suddenly cause critical malfunctions. This is not simply a matter of adding some severs to solve, even taking a long time to gradually improve the entire system.Battlestate Games apologizes to all affected players and said it could stabilize all as soon as possible. In order to make up for the time and equipment lost by players due to the server problems, it will provide 1 million EFT Roubles to each one for free.Even so, there is still someone who is not satisfied with the result. A player who once eliminated all PMC on the server said that he is likely to quit EFT completely due to the player-controlled Scavs, they have plundered a ton of loot from him.Moreover, due to the poor server, someone can no longer enjoy the looting, which completely makes them lose the fun of playing.In-game Roubles, or called as Cash, is not high-value currency, even some low-level equipment also needs to be exchanged for millions of Roubles. You can always find a variety of in-game currency and equipment on IGGM, shopping here, all you get is safe and will not cost much, achieving to save money while playing.